Rael is not the most beautiful lady in this city but when she enters a room, she owns it and she knows it. She is 5’2 with an attitude of a 6’2 human…. a baddie. She always says her attitude and confidence have 33 years of experience and cannot be messed with. She always wanted to be a radio presenter and anyone who hears her husky voice for the first time when she speaks, always ask her why she is not on radio. “Darling, radio is too small for me”. That is always her answer. She loves her job at a leading advertising agency. She gets to travel a lot and has created lots of networks plus having influencers and celebs kissing her ass most of the time always feels so good.

She smiles to herself in traffic as thinks about the gentleman she is going to meet. The guy had been very persistent. Always liking her photos when she posts on social media and sliding in her DM begging her for a chance to take her out for a date and she finally decided to give him a chance. Of course she chose her local in Kilimani because the waiters knew her just in case of anything and she did not want a long drive after the date. She was already super late for the date and as she parked her BMW X1 at the local, she called her date to assure him that she was on her way. The man sounded very patient and she decided to apply a little make up in the car just to reward him for his patience and of course to continue testing it further. As she strutted in, she felt her presence being felt, as usual, and she headed straight to her date who had told her where she was seated. It was obvious that the man was excited that the subject of attention was heading towards him. He stood to greet her and pull a chair for her.

“You look even better in person Rael”

“I know, Steve.”

“Cocky and beautiful, I like!”

“There is more where that came from”

The banter continued for quite a while and within a few minutes they were deep in the conversation, laughing and having a good time. Honestly speaking, Rael was not expecting to enjoy the date as much as she was. Steve was funny and very held conversations effortlessly. They talked about food, drinks, work, politics and anything under the sun that by the time Steve revealed he was married, she really did not care much….not that she ever did anyway. According to her, monogamy always sounded very unnatural. A man being married was never a reason for her not to give a man a chance. They talked till very late and Steve announced that he had to leave. He insisted that he had to ensure she was home safe and offered to drive behind her car and once she was home, he would leave. She was a little bit tipsy and he had to help her up stairs to her house and ensure she was in the house safely. As he went in for a good bye hug, Rael kissed him. One thing led to another and before they knew it they were having sex on the couch. It was so random that none of them thought of using protection. Steve left after a little clean up and promised to catch up with her the following day.

Rael was surprised when she received a bouquet of flowers 10,000 shillings on Mpesa and chocolates from Steve the following day. She thought their relationship just like other relationships with married men she had met, was going to be about sex and a little alcohol here and there.  As she called to thank him, she knew that he was a keeper and she had to get rid of some of the useless men currently in her life. As she stalked Steve and his wife on social media, she also made a mental note to purchase P2 on her way home in the evening. One thing she knew she did not want, was a kid. Her staunch SDA Kisii father would go crazy if his daughter got pregnant before having a proper church wedding. She had lots of meetings with clients during the day and her last meeting ended at around 8 pm she walked out of her office exhausted and all she wanted was to go home and rest. She was surprised to find Steve outside her office waiting for her. He told her he knew she was exhausted and all he wanted was to drive her home, cook for her then he will leave her to rest once she had eaten. They went home alright, he cooked alright, ate, then they had lots of sex, talked a little bit before he went home. Rael had never been this happy in a long time. Her colleagues loudly commented on how happier and less bitchy she had become. Steve became a constant in her life and it took him travelling out of town for work for her to finally agree to meet with her friends for drinks. Her other 2 boyfriends had completely given up on trying to reach her.

As she partied with her friends, she went to the bathroom, she noticed a little blood on her liner which she found strange because she had noticed the same two days ago but they disappeared. She mentioned this in passing to one of her friends who asked her to take a pregnancy test. Rael’s heart immediately skipped a bit because she remembered that she had forgotten to take P2 after the first night of having unprotected sex with Steve. She barely enjoyed the rest of the night and her first stop the following day was a chemist to buy the pregnancy testing kit. She rushed to the toilet once she got to work and she stared in disbelief when the test turned positive. She called her best friend Sandra to come pick her and told her boss that she was unwell and needed to take a day off. Once Sandra picked her and they were out of the office premises, she told her that she was pregnant and she needed to get an abortion as soon as possible and she did not want to talk about it or be tried to be convinced otherwise. Sandra made a few calls and told her that she had found someone who could do a house call the following day. Her concern however was that she was going to be away and would not be there for Rael.

“Call him and tell him to be here tomorrow morning. I am going to be fine”

The doctor was tall, dark and quite a looker. He took Rael, who was barely listening through the whole process. All Rael could think of was the possibility that she might die due to her carelessness. She texted her mum all her PIN numbers claiming that her memory is failing her then proceeded to head to her bedroom to start the process. The anesthesia knocked her off and when she came around, the doctor was wiping her vagina and it took her a few seconds to remember what was happening.

“Are you done? Is it all gone?”

“Yes ma’am, it is all gone”

“How soon can I stand or walk?”

“Right away”

She went to the bathroom and was shocked at the amount of blood in the toilet. She vomited, flushed the toilet and began cleaning the toilet like her life depended on it. The doctor was at the balcony having a smoke like nothing had happened. As soon as she was done, she paid the doctor and released him. She thought he gave her a weird look but did not give it much thought. As soon as he left, she broke down a good one. Never in her life did she think she would get to this point. She called Sandra to tell her all went well and did not wish to receive any visitors. She then switched her phone off and went to bed. She was woken up by someone who was relentlessly pressing the doorbell. She went to open the door only to be met by Steve. She puked all over him. Steve was so concerned.

“Baby, why didn’t you tell me that you were this sick? Do I take you to the hospital? Let me call my doctor”

“I am fine Steve. I have received medical attention; I just need to rest”

“Alright. I have to travel to work tomorrow. I will stay the night with you then when I come back, I will take you for a holiday. Meanwhile, let me send you something small to help you take care of yourself while I will be away”

Just as the Mpesa message came through, a second message from the doctor came through

“You have such a sweet pussy by the way”

Rael vomited again.

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