“Babe are you that sick? Please let us go to the hospital”

“Get out of my house Steve!”

“Nimefanya? What have I done?

“I am okay. Kindly leave me alone for now. Go to your family. I will call you if I there will be need. Please”

Steve could not understand what had become of the ever-bubbly Rael as the door was shut on his face. He stood at the door and overheard her cry and made a mental note to spend more time with her. “She is probably mad because I have a wife.” As Steve drove off, Rael looked at the text from the doctor again in disbelief. She had been raped then had an abortion done the same day. She could not understand what had become of her life. Her phone rang and it was her boss Collins calling.

“Hi Rael, feeling better darling?”

“Yes Collins, I am feeling much better, thank you. I should be okay in a few days”

“Get better soon. We need to go for that road trip soon”

Rael sneered; Collins was the office whore. He literally wanted to sleep with every woman in the office. He had once been found shagging the cleaner in the toilets. He was the boss though and could be very brutal when faced with rejection.

“Hehehe! Alright Collo, let me get well then we get right into the road trip shenanigans. I cannot wait”

“Great, let me leave you to get some rest. Talk later!”

All Rael felt she needed was a strong stiff drink. She went to the toilet to check if she was still bleeding heavily as before. Just as the doctor (sic) promised, it was not as bad. She undressed and got into the shower. As the water hit her body, she started to feel tears running down her cheeks. She could not remember how long she stood there but as she got out, she made decision that she was going to go out and drink herself silly. That was the only way she would numb all she was feeling at that time. She found several missed calls and texts from Steve but she really did not care about him. He was the cause of all the trouble she was in. She was happy that he had some sense and had sent her some money. She had enough money to fuel her car and buy drinks the whole night. “This man must buy me a new car to pay for all the pain I have gone through. It looks like he has a lot of money”. She thought loudly as she looked for the shortest dress in her closet. She called Sandra as she was putting on her make up to let her know she was okay and to ask her to join her for the night.

“Babe! Where are you? I am preparing to go out and drink like a nonsense. I am going to Bob’s in Lavington and I have money. Please bring your ass over here.

“Are you okay Rael? Should you not be resting? I am just getting into town, but I don’t think it is okay for you to go out tonight”

“I am not dying bitch. It was not an open-heart surgery. I am good kabisa babes. You come see for yourself”

“Alright. Let me get to the house then come. I will find you there”

She stood in front of the mirror, happy with her final look. She put on her gold heels, picked her car keys and stepped out. As she drove into Bob’s she spotted her Catherine’s car. She was her crazy neighbor. She immediately knew that she was going to have a great night. She walked straight to Catherine’s favorite spot after ordering a bottle of whiskey at the bar counter and she found her right there. They hugged and got straight into taking shots of tequilas. The aim was to get drunk as much and fast as possible. Within no time, they were dancing, smoking sheesha and a little weed.

As the alcohol hit and she got drunk, Rael decided to text back the ‘doctor’

“Hi there rapist, what is it you wanted me to know again?”

“The name is Wallace…..Dr. Wallace. I was just appreciating your juicy pussy”

“You have so much audacity. Why don’t you come and tell me those things on my face?”

“State your location and I will be there before you know it”

“Come to Bob’s in Kilimani”

“I will be there in an hour’s time. Let me find two cold pilsners on the table”

“Such balls you have. B ring them over here”

She could not believe that she had just invited her rapist to share a table and drinks with her. She was already so high and she wanted some answers. Just as she put her phone down ready to take another round of tequila shots, Sandra walked in, obviously shocked that Rael was already so high but she decided not to say anything. Her friend had just had an abortion and it must be hard for her. She also knew she would have to drive her back to her place so she had to take it slow on the alcohol. Rael however, had other ideas. She wanted her friend to get equally high and she demanded that she takes four shots of tequila before getting her a bottle of gin. They were joined by a group of two ladies and two gentlemen who were seated on the next table and Rael even forgot that she had invited Dr. Wallace to join her until when Sandra handed over her phone as it was incessantly vibrating. She walked out to pick the call

“I was about to leave. I thought you chickened out”

“Where are you?”

“I am at the entrance”

“Me too. I cannot see you”

“I can. You look stunning. Let me come to you.”

She refused to hug him and instead, she held his hand and led them to their table. She introduced him to the group as an old friend, ordered pilsners for him and continued to dance. Sandra, who knew most of Rael’s friends tried to ask her who the gentleman was but all she answered was that he was a childhood friend and they had grown up together in Kisii. As the night wore on, they all got high and never got to talk. Instead, they started to kiss and make out.

“I want to experience this dick when I am not out thanks to anesthesia, let us go to my place. “

“I knew you were a freak, let us go”

She went back and informed Sandra that it was time to leave. It was 4 am anyway. Sandra agreed but was surprised to see Rael’s childhood friend following them.

“ Is he coming with us?”

“Yes he is”

“Are you sure Rael?”

“Did I stutter?”

“You are getting out of control now but it’s all good”

Sandra got behind the wheels and drove them back to Rael’s house and cringed as Wallace and Rael made out on the backseat. She parked the car when they got home, opened the house and went straight to Rael’s extra bedroom. She was drunk and did not want to argue with her friend. Rael on the other hand did not waste time with the doctor. As soon they got into the house, they undressed each other and had the first round of sex on the living room couch before heading to the bedroom. They had sex and fell asleep on each other’s arms.

Sandra was woken up by the doorbell and wondered who could be visiting Rael at 7 am. She put on a gown and went to check because clearly, Rael and her childhood friend were fast asleep. The face that she saw as she peeped on the door, almost gave her a heart attack. Steve, Rael’s current boyfriend was at the door. She rushed to Rael’s bedroom and woke them up

“What the fuck Sandra! You want a threesome?”

“Shut up. Steve is at the door”

“What do you mean? Wallace, get out, go to the other bedroom”

After Wallace and the clothes in the living room were bundled in the other bedroom, Rael went and opened the door for Steve.

“What took you so long babe?”

“I was asleep. We were out partying last night”

“Is that why you weren’t answering my calls? And were you not very sick?”

“I am clearly okay”. She answered as she led him to the master bedroom. She breathed a sigh of relief as she saw that Sandra had taken out the dustbin that was full of condoms.

“I saw a man’s shoes outside”

“Yeah, they belong to Sandra’s boyfriend”

“Isn’t Sandra married?”

“Are you not married?”

“I don’t want to fight with you Rael. I came here to take you out for breakfast and spend the whole day with you.

Rael heaved a sigh of relief as she heard her front door opened and Sandra shouting goodbye.

“Okay, babe. Let me shower we leave.”

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