As Rael prepared for the breakfast date with Steve, Wallace kept blowing her phone with calls. Thankfully, Steve was in the living room watching news on one of the boring local channels. She kept wondering why he was obsessed with them. ‘It must be an old men’s thing’, she thought to herself. Her dad was also always watching those channels. She sighed as she put her phone on flight mode. She was not ready to speak to Wallace yet. Not even Sandra who had texted claiming that she knew the truth about Wallace and that she thought Rael was sick and needed therapy. She smiled as she remembered the mind blowing she had with Wallace. The man was quite well endowed and he knew how to use it.

“Babe yaani you want to spend the entire day getting ready”

“Have you tried getting ready with a hangover? I am almost done though”

“Hehehe! Shida za kujitakia hizo. A cup of coffee and mara moja will sort you out”

She shook her head as she walked to the living room ready to leave.

“Anywhere particular you would like to go?”

“Not really but there must be alcohol being served. Only alcohol can make me feel better. Dawa ya moto ni moto”

“You are sick”

“I see you and Sandra have become doctors”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. Let us go.”

As she sat at the passenger seat of Steve’s range rover, she disabled the flight mode on her phone. As much as she was on sick off, her job dictated that unless one is in a coma, their phones had to be on throughout. Some of the companies that were under her had ridiculous demands. That and working with creatives and influencers was too much. Some of them felt like they were small gods and had to be worshipped. It especially sucked if a company insisted that they need to work with a specific influencer who was stubborn. She hated those people and the amount of ass kissing and lying that went on there made her sick sometimes. Thankfully she was known as a no nonsense and a little crazy so even the most stubborn of people tended to tread carefully with her. She was glad to see that her team was handling everything well in her absence as she answered a few emails. She saw a text coming in from Wallace and as much as she had promised herself not to deal with him today, she found herself opening the text.

“So did you manage to have sex with your boyfriend after all the sex we had?’

Why was he such an asshole? Most importantly, why was she finding his shitty ass entertaining? She probably was sick and needed help as her friend had said. It was sick to be smiling at the nonsense the man was spewing.

“You are a retard”

“Hmmm….that was not the vibe I was getting yesterday night and this morning”

“I refuse to engage you further. Let me enjoy my time with my boyfriend”

“Let me know when he leaves. I have unfinished business with you”

She decided to ignore him and smiled as she put her arms on Steve’s lap just as he drove into an exclusive members club. She immediately regretted putting on jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.

“Babe, why did you not tell me to dress appropriately aki?”

“You look stunning. We are here to chill and spend time just the two of us. Relax”

“Are you serious? Can you see how the people here are dressed? I am not getting off this car looking like this. Let us go to Java. Why are you laughing sasa?”

“Because you are funny and ridiculous. Relax, uko sawa. Trust me.”

She reluctantly alighted from the car and walked closely besides Steve as they walked inside the club. They were warmly welcomed, and Steve advised that the private set up had been done as requested. They were walked into the coziest and most beautiful room she had ever seen. The black and gold seats looked so exquisite, and she made a mental note to ask where she could get such beautiful curtains and carpet for her house. A whole buffet breakfast had been set up for them and she was surprised to see a bottle of 18 years old Glenfiddich at the end of the buffet table. She turned to hug Steve.

“You actually listen to me. This is beautiful. Thank you”

“Anything for you. You have been quite off the past few days, and I thought that spending time with you will cheer you up”

“That is very thoughtful of you. Thank you”

“No problem. Let us eat and take care of that hangover.”

They enjoyed their breakfast aka brunch as they talked. The one sure thing about them is that their conversations flowed effortlessly. She whined about her job, he talked about his business, they talked about their dreams, they gossiped, talked about cars, food and anything that crossed their mind. They had been there for around 2 hours when Steve’s phone rang and he excused himself from the room and when he came back, he did not look as happy as before.

“Babe, I know you will not like this, but I have to go. My wife is unwell”

“I thought you are going to spend the whole day with me. Can’t she take herself to the hospital”

“She has asked me to go take her. I am sorry but I have to go. You stay here as long as you would like. You can ask a friend to join you. Drink and eat as much as you want. I am going to send you money for the uber. I am very sorry Rael. I will make it up to you. I promise.”

“It is okay. You don’t have to. I understand. I knew what I was getting into. I will be fine. You go”

As Steve left, Rael wanted to cry out of anger. She called Sandra and as soon as she picked her call, she started to vent.

“Rael, hii hasira ya ukisii will finish you. You knew that the man was married from the word go and now you want him to forsake his wife for you? Wacha ujinga. You who was in the arms of a man, who procured your abortion, the whole night, should be the very quiet and enjoy what you have”

“Thank you, Mother Teresa, for reminding me of my sins. You know what, I am going to call that doctor and ask him to join me here. Steve cannot leave me here and expect me to be okay. Please come and join us, Sandra.”

“I refuse to be part of your nonsense. You do whatever makes you happy. I am not joining you”

“Sorry basi. You know I have a big mouth. I am sorry. This place is too beautiful for me to enjoy alone. Please come. You even do not have to talk with me once you are here”

“You are something else. Sawasawa. I will come.”

She disconnected the call before Sandra could change her mind. Sandra was right, she had anger issues that made her act impulsively at times, but she still wanted to see Wallace one more time. There was something about him that drew her to him. His arrogance and confidence made her very curious.

“You said you wanted to see me today? I am going to send you my location pin. If you are serious, you will show up”

“See who has appeared. Is your boyfriend that weak? 3 hours and he bows out? Sad”

“You talk too much. I change my mind. Do not come”

“Relax my childhood from Kisii…. hehehe! Anyway, I had taken my car to the garage, it is yet to be completed and I have used all the money I had on it. Unless you come pick me up”

“Where are you? Take an Uber, I will pay for it once you get here”

“Alright, I will be there ASAP. If it is not too much to ask, can you please lend me with 10k, to have this car of mine be sorted as I am there? I will refund it tomorrow morning once my daily transaction limit is renewed.”

Rael, who had vowed to never send a single coin in her life, picked up her phone and sent the money to Wallace. To date, she cannot explain why and what made her send the money.

“Received babe. Thank you. I am enroute. Cannot wait to meet my feisty girl. Pilsner tatu baridi kwa meza as usual”

She smiled as she ordered for the 3 cold bottles of pilsners and as she spotted Sandra walking in.

“Girl! This place is awesome. Is this how the rich live?

“I told you so! Can you believe what you would have missed if you kept that stubborn ass at home?

“Hebu kwanza tell me that doctor aka childhood friend was not invited. That man is trouble”

“He is actually calling. He must be at the parking lot. Let me go pick him up.”

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