“Rael, I swear, there is something off about this Wallace guy. My instincts are never far off. I know you will not listen to me but mark my words”

“It is good you know that I will not listen to you. We are here to have fun not to listen to instincts. Who told you that I want anything serious with him?”

“Ladies, I am sorry for the long phone call…work. Anything I missed? I know you missed me.”

“Sandra here did miss you. She could not stop talking about how much of a great and handsome guy you are.”

“Now sunshine, we know that is how you feel about me. Sandra here does not like me very much and does not care to hide the fact.”

Sandra sneered and left the table. Rael apologized on her behalf and Wallace promised her that he was perfectly okay and that he would grow on her slowly.

“I am an acquired taste babe. Even you know that fact”

“Yeah, you are too arrogant”

“A man has to be confident and a little arrogant to survive in this city. I know what I bring to the table and bed”

“Just shut up. My boyfriend is calling. Excuse me.”

“Take your time”

Steve was calling to just check on her, apologize one more time and to inquire if she was being well taken care of by the club staff. She was still salty from being left alone so she did not want to talk to him for long neither did she want him questioning whom she was with at the club.

“If you love it very much, I can give you money you register and become a member”

“I love it, but I don’t want to come here and meet your family randomly”

“Alright, we can look for another equally good club for you”

“Sawa, we will talk later. Go take care of your people. They need you.”

She disconnected the call before he could respond and went back to the table only to find Sandra grilling Wallace about his job and life.

“I should have called Catherine instead of you Sandra. Can’t you let loose even for a few hours and enjoy yourself? Leave him alone”

“It’s okay sunshine. I have nothing to hide”

They ordered for food and because Sandra was working the following today, they decided to call it an evening once they ate. Sandra took an Uber to her house and Rael and Wallace took a different Uber to Rael’s place. They were not as drunk as the previous night so they managed to take a shower together when they got to the house before proceeding to the bedroom.

“Have you locked the door? I do not want to get clobbered”

“I do not belong to anyone. I have locked it though”

That night before falling asleep, Rael told herself that she needed to get rid of Wallace as soon as possible before she got addicted to his sex. The boy was good. It also hit her that most of the time they were either making out or having sex and she literally knew nothing about him. Her initial intention was to get to know him before revenging for the way he had acted towards her but clearly, things were taking a totally different direction. Rael hated not being in control and that was what she felt at that point. She was going to distance herself from him for a while to control her emotions before getting to know him. She had to get her emotions in check.

She woke up the following morning to find Wallace dressing up.

“You are leaving already? Have you taken a shower? Will you have breakfast?”

“Hey sunshine. I have to go check on my car. I have not taken breakfast, but I will come back once I am done with the damn car. It is giving me a headache. I also must go get you your cash. Are you planning to leave the house today?”

“Nope. I am going to be indoors the whole day. Why?”

“I wanted to borrow your car for a few hours to enable me move around easily”

“I do not give my baby to people plus I will be resuming work the day after tomorrow and I do not want to be inconvenienced.”

“Sunshine, yaani I have become people? I will bring it back in 4 hours max. I promise”

Again, Rael cannot explain why she handed over her car keys to him, but she did.

“Alright. Just know if you disappear with my car, it won’t be well. My dad is an ex-military officer.”

“You are overthinking. I will leave my national ID and my residential location with you just to calm you down. You already know the hospital I work in.”

He left and after a few hours of anxiety, she calmed down when she saw an Mpesa message from Wallace. He had refunded the money she had lend him. She could trust him. He called to confirm that she had received the cash and to update her that the car was taking a little longer to sort out, but he will be back as soon as he gets done. As much as she was dying to call Sandra, she knew telling her that she had given her car to a man she barely knew, would be a whole lot of drama. Knowing Sandra, they would go to the police station to report theft and put up his photos in all the newspaper. Sandra had trust issues, which sometimes saved them from trouble.

After 2 hours, she heard her doorbell ring, and she could hide her relief when she saw Wallace on the other side of the door. She literally jumped on him as they hugged. He held on to her and started crying.

“What is wrong Wallace? Is everything okay?”

“I have had such a rough day sunshine. My car is yet to get sorted out and I have just received news that my mother is very sick. She collapsed and has been rushed to the hospital. She has cancer and I think it is getting worse. They need money and I have spent all my cash on the car. I do not know what to do.”

Rael watched helplessly as Wallace completely broke down in front of her. She really felt sorry for him and wanted to help him.

“I am so sorry Wallace. I know it is hard for you, but we must think of a solution right now. You have to be strong for your mother. How can I help? Which hospital is she in? I do PR for Aga Khan hospital and can call in for a few favors and discounts.”

“Home is Kitale. They have taken her to Eldoret. She has to get tests done urgently and she is in ICU. Once we get the results, we can then think about moving her. I need to travel to Eldoret as soon as today”

“How much do they need?”

“They had given an estimate of 250k”

“Wow! That is a lot. Let me see if I can get my chama to lend me the amount then you can repay slowly. Meanwhile, you can take my car and go see your mother. I do not mind using matatu for a few days. Stop crying. All will be well”

“You really do not have to do that sunshine”

Rael was already on the phone trying to get the money which was transferred to her account shortly afterwards. She then sent the money together with the 10k he had refunded to him and told him to go and keep her updated.

Wallace went and he never talked to her nor picked her calls. She assumed that he was overwhelmed and stopped bothering him. She also resumed work and got so busy. She lied to Steve and Sandra that her car was in the garage but after 2 weeks of no word from Wallace and her texts and calls going unanswered, she decided to tell Sandra the truth and true to her prediction she was livid!

“Are you mad? Do you even know this guy? Do you know where he stays? How can you be this stupid then stay quiet for that long?”

“He once left me directions to his place…”

“Let us go!”

They went to Kilimani police station, bribed a policeman to accompany them and they found themselves in Rongai. After a lot of effort, they located his house and at the parking, Rael’s car sat pretty. Wallace door was opened by a lady, who later identified herself as Wallace’s wife, holding a tiny baby. After explaining what had brought them there, she told them that he was at work, gave them the car keys and shut the door on their face. Rael was shaking. She did not want to even confront him. She felt so stupid. She told Sandra to take her home and that she did not want to pursue the issue further as Steve would ask a lot of questions. What she was not prepared for were the panic attacks and mental torture she was about to go through.

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