As Rael left the hospital, she felt confused. Her medication made her head hazy. She was perpetually thirsty to the point that her friend Sandra joked that she will start walking with the back behind her back. Her speech was slurred, her memory was messed up and she had a terrible migraine. She just wanted to sleep. Her mother was still fuming that Rael had refused to go to Kisii with her so that she could take care of her. After what her mother had told her, going to Kisii would have been a trigger for her. There was so much she needed to take in and figure out. She was angry and confused. She also needed to fix her work situation so ushago was not an option. Her mother was to stay with her for two days as she had to go and take care of her father.

Sandra passed by an hour later to bring them food and shopping. Rael was in her bedroom trying to reply to work emails and she was really struggling.

“Do you know you can be very easily replaced if you die right now? Please get some rest, Rael. Look at how you are sweating. Put that laptop down and rest. That is an order.”

“Leave me alone Sandra. The new position I was assigned is very demanding to the point I am wondering if they wanted me to rest as per their email ama this is a punishment. Anyway, I am almost done. Collins is an asshole I will lose my job if anything goes wrong.”

“I hate that man. Please do the bare minimum. Kwanza si they have reduced your salary. Meanwhile, let me serve you some food before you take your medication. I need to rush to work. I will use your car if you do not mind.”

“Do not remind me about the salary story. That was very unfair. Kwanza we get paid today. Let me check my account and see how much they have paid me. Bring that food haraka I am so hungry I can eat a whole cow. You can use my car as long as you do not disappear with it like that fake doctor.”

As Sandra left the room she picked up her phone to check her bank account via internet banking.  She wanted to see if her salary had checked in and her account balance left her shaking and puking all over her bedroom. From a previous net salary of 182,000 she had received a salary of 70,000 and she flipped. Her rent was 50k, she had utilities to pay for, her car insurance was due, she had to pay for the loan she had taken, her mother was around and would need fare back and money to take care of her and her dad. She did not know what she would do to take care of everything. Sandra walked in to find her shaking and surrounded by vomit. By now they all understood that this was a panic attack.

“Sweetheart, what happened? What has triggered you hun? I am so sorry. Do you remember what the doctor told us? Take a deep breath….good. Now, exhale slowly. Good girl. Keep doing that. Gosh! What happened? You know what? Don’t talk. Let us make you calm first. Keep breathing”

“I am okay. Give me a towel I go shower. Can you believe akina Collins have paid me 70k. What the hell am I supposed to do with that amount? How am I supposed to survive on that? This is wrong. Let me get this vomit off my body”

“I am so sorry hun. We will figure things out. We always do. I want you to focus on getting better mami. I do not want you to go back to the hospital. We will get a way of paying the bills. Do you think you will be okay being in the shower alone with the frequent panic attacks?”

“I am fine. I will be better if I get to strangle and kill Collins. Gin will help me too. My mother needs to get out of this house I go drinking. I do not know what she is doing in this house. Wacha nioge.”

While in the shower she made a mental note to reach out to Steve and talk to him. He had money and could be a temporary solution as she attempts to handle the situation at work. She just needed to invite him over give him one of her acclaimed blow jobs and sex him a good one and he will be opening up his wallet like he always does. She knew that he liked her and did not do a lot but she wanted him not to have any reasons to not give her money. Her mother was to travel to Kisii on Sunday but that was family day for Steve so Monday would be the perfect day. Thankfully she had been cleared to work from home until the doctor recommended otherwise. The thought that Steve would be with her CID wife on Sunday and her on Monday, made her smile and add to her conclusion that marriages are a big lie. She had watched in the office how married people, both men, and women, were the most unfaithful lot led by Collins who had the ability of sleeping with any female whom he came across. She pitied their spouses and promised herself that she would not get married. She had previously told herself that she would only get married if she found a man like her dad, but her mother’s recent revelations had completely shocked her and made her believe that marriage is nothing but a big scam and a source of all forms of diseases.

By the time she left the bathroom, Sandra had already left and her food was cold. She peeped in the living room as she went to warm her food and found her mother heavily asleep. If Steve was her neighbor, this would have been the perfect time to sneak him in and have risky sex which she absolutely loved. The stifled moans and thoughts of being caught really excited her and she even giggled at the thought.  She went to her room and immediately texted Steve.

“I am just thinking of how exciting it would be to have some risky sex with you as my mum slept on the couch”

“Babe, hi. Have you taken your medication? Is this a side effect of the medication you are taking?”

“Hahahaha! I am fine. I have just missed you. There’s so much I would like to do to you. Come we have risky sex”

“My crazy woman. I swear I have a hard-on and I am in a meeting. Why are you doing this to me? When is mum going back to shagz? I cannot make love to you with your mother around but as soon as she leaves I will be at your door with my hard-on.”

“Mum is leaving on Sunday morning but I know Sunday is family day for you and I would not want to spoil that for you. Monday morning perhaps?”

“I will be there on Sunday. I cannot wait until Monday. I will be taking my people to the club and I can manage a few hours away from them. If you will still want this dick on Monday still, I will bring it. I          work hard like that.”

“Hmmmm! I like that. See you on Sunday then.”

“See you then. You had better maintain that energy until then. Take care”

Rael smiled. Men can be quite predictable…she thought to herself as she smiled. She took her medication and waited for it to take her out. She honestly wished that her mother was not around. She loved her but she was at a point in life where she wanted no one around her. People drained her and conversations made her want to run away. She particularly felt some type of way about her parents and the fact that they had been hiding their HIV status from her and she was the one paying their medical bills. She felt like she needed some time away from them for a while.

She was really happy it got to Sunday and it was time for her mother to go home. Because of the medication effects, she could not shop for her so she gave her money for shopping and medication. Since she could not drive as well, Sandra offered to drop her mother to the bus station on her way to church. As soon as Sandra drove off, she texted Steve giving him the green light and he texted back.

“I know, I was parked very close to your house. I could not wait anymore”

They were all over each other as soon as the door was opened and they had the best and most explosive sex they had ever had. They stayed in each other’s arms cuddled, talked, and had lots of sex until it was time for Steve to leave.

“Babe I have to go pick my people. I will be back tomorrow if you will still have the energy. Since my wife knew about you she has been really monitoring our accounts since they are joint accounts. Here is 5k, buy yourself some fruits as I find ways of getting you more”

As Steve left, Rael was in shock. 5k? Account monitored? No wonder the wife no longer called to threaten her. Her plan had failed and she did not know how and what she was going to do.

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