Rael could not believe how much she had spent in the club the previous day. She had been so excited about getting the money she desperately wanted and the thought that she would not have to think about her bills for the month made her so happy. She went to the club that afternoon and got so high and out of happiness, she remembers buying alcohol for almost everyone at the local pub. She was so ashamed of herself. The money left could not take care of her bills and she had to think on her feet and most importantly she had to sort her work situation. It was just not a matter of money working for the small accounts clients, but it had also been degrading and a lot of work. Something had got to give and she would have to talk to Human resources the following day no matter what her anxiety told her. Just then her phone rang.

“Hi Sandra. Uko aje?”

“I am fine. How are you doing? I have been trying to reach you since yesterday but you have not been picking my calls. Are you okay? Did you meet with the shylock?”

“I am sorry Sandra. I met with the shylock and she only gave me half the money I wanted, I got stressed out, came to the house took my meds and I blacked out. Do you know another shylock?”

“Woi! I am sorry. I do not know of any shylock but I will ask around and let you know. Do not stress about it. I do not want you coming down with another bout of anxiety attacks. What is your plan for the day?”

“I want to go to the office and talk to HR and depending on how it will go; I might work from the office for the rest of the day. I am quite bored of working from the house. It is time I face Collins anyway.”

“Sawasawa, I will call you once I have feedback. You take care and do not stress about a lot of things for now. Let me know how the HR situation goes.”

Rael did not know why she had lied to her friend about the shylock situation. That really did not feel good and she totally hated it, but how was she to tell Sandra that she had wasted half the money she had been given on alcohol in one night? She felt stupid and vowed to herself that she had to stop drinking. As she took her shower, it hit her that it had been a while, at least in her books, since she had sex. She suddenly missed Steve but she still did not want to associate herself with a weak man. She wondered if Collins would change his mind if she gave him mind-blowing sex and she felt herself gag. She needed to sort her horny situation before she finds herself in bed with that loser. She would call Steve or one of her old boyfriends the following day.


“Rael you know we reduced your responsibilities in the office because you were getting really sick and we did not want to put so much pressure on you. We also did not want the clients to suffer. It was not out of bad will or discrimination as you call it?”

“If you really cared about me as you say, don’t you think my salary would not have reduced because this is a temporary position? I have worked for this company for so long and I have always given my best but you run to reduce my salary at the very first chance you get? I am struggling with my health, I am taking care of my dad who has cancer, and my old mother, I have bills to pay. What is it that Collins told you that made you decide to treat me like I no longer matter in this company?”

“Please stop crying, Rael. Our decision as HR has nothing to do with Collins. Each position in the company has a job description and expected salary. We also do have a salary budget and we have to stick to it. Once you feel that you are well and that you are able to resume your old position, let the doctor write us a report and we will reconsider. We are very sorry about your parents and everything else that you are going through.”

“Okay, okay. I would just like to ask for one small favor. Can we get the camera images for the toilet corridors on the second floor for the last one hour, please? I would love to know the consequences Collins will face for fondling a cleaner, who was clearly uncomfortable, along the corridors and showing me the middle finger when he saw me. I know it was all perfectly captured. Will his salary be reduced too? If we are all equal and you care about all of us, then let us see it.”

Rael smirked as she saw HR struggle to do right and protect Collins. She knew that Collins regularly slept with the lady she was talking to and the video evidence would make her so angry. She had decided to go to the toilet on the second floor because it did not have a lot of people. It was mainly used as store and housed interns and cleaners. In her quest to avoid people and get to pee, she met Collins in all his glory along the corridors fondling a cleaner and making her touch his penis. He did not care that she had seen him and smiled as he gave her the middle finger. She smiled back.

“We will have a meeting in the afternoon and we will get back to you regarding your position and surgery. I suggest that you have your doctor write a report indicating that you can work. Remember that you had an altercation with a colleague before breaking down and we need a reassurance that it will never happen again. Also, Rael, let whatever you have seen and told us today, remain between us. It is a very sensitive issue and we want everyone protected as we investigate the issue.”

“Alright. Thank you so much for your time. I will talk to my doctor and have him send the report as soon as possible. Meanwhile, let me get back to work.”

She called her doctor who asked her to go for the report the following day first thing in the morning and she was elated. She swung her hips as she walked into her office and even waved at Collins as she passed by his office and as usual, he flashed his middle finger at her and signaled at how fat she had become. She did not care at this point. She had gotten what she wanted and Collins could go to hell for all she cared. Today in a long time, she was reminded one of her favorite phrases ‘What Rael wants, Rael gets.’ She remembered that she needed sex….especially now.


“Hey Steve, how have you been babe?”

“She finally remembers of my existence. I have been well my queen. Just missing you so much. Why have you been ignoring me? Are you okay?”

“I have been well. Work has been a lot and the meds are driving me crazy hence my silence. You know where I stay though. You would have come to visit me you know. I have missed you”

“My bad. I thought you were mad at me about something so I was waiting for you to come around. I have missed you too babe. When do I get to see you?”

“I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow at 10.30 am. You can come to my place very early then you take me to the hospital after that.”

“That is perfect. I will come with your favorite breakfast from Java. I am really looking forward to seeing you. The sex last time was mind-blowing and it is all I have been thinking about.”

“Mind-blowing sex and Java breakfast it is then. I will see you tomorrow then. Let me get back to work for now.”

As Rael got back to her laptop, it hit her that she had lied about her dad’s illness. Another big lie within a day. She had been trying to avoid thinking about the fact that her parents had HIV let alone say it loud to anyone. She had texted her sister to let her know that she now knew about the secret but as usual, Priscilla totally ignored her. She was starting to make peace with the fact that her relationship with her sister was basically nonexistent and it was better if she let the relationship die. It suddenly hit her that she was crying and she closed her laptop and her office door just to have a good cry. It had been a minute since she had a good cry and she knew she needed it.

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