Steve was at Rael’s house by 6 am. It always amazed Rael that he would sleep the whole night with his wife while looking forward to come make love to her. Anyway, it was none of her business and she did not like the woman anyway. Her duty was to get her own orgasms and to try and please Steve. They had long and lazy yet explosive sex and enjoyed each other’s company smoking some weed. Rael kept wondering why couples were yet to discover the power of weed, especially in bed. They had the Java breakfast he had brought as they cuddled and talked. Rael would live here forever but the man belonged to someone else. She sighed.

“What’s wrong babe?”

“Nothing. Why do you ask?”

“That sigh hun. There must be something going on in that beautiful crazy mind of yours”

“I am too high on weed for my mind to think about anything. I am zen. The sigh is just probably a silent wish for another round of sex”

“Damn baby, you will finish me but I am not complaining. By the way, what happened to your car? I noticed that it had a puncture as I came in”

“It is due for service and the insurance has expired. I am looking for cash to sort it out. I had not noticed the puncture….shit!”

“Don’t worry about that. Our cars are due for service over the weekend. I will find a way of sneaking yours in with my people huko . I know mama will not be bothered much about the bill halafu wewe you only worry about insurance. I hope that is helpful.”

“It is. Thank you very much, babe”

“Now that we won’t have our cars over the weekend si we do a random to coast?”

“That sounds very tempting but we are heading to the festive season and my clients become more demanding over the weekends with their stupid events over the weekends with the influencers. Let me check my calendar and my clients’ weekend itinerary then I will let you know.”

“Sawasawa babe. I would love a whole weekend of this with you. I do not want you getting late for your appointment with the doctor but I got to have your ass one more last time.”

As they headed to the hospital, Rael managed to respond to all the urgent emails, had a brief fifteen minutes meeting with her team, and even started to respond to the questionnaire on Collins. Starting meant answering two questions before getting completely bored. She had seen a WhatsApp message from him apologizing, again, and wishing her a blessed day. She was honestly not enjoying this man Collins was trying to become. Deep inside she knew he was planning the mother of all vengeance for what she did and it made all the charade of a changed human being look very shallow. She remembered that she needed to call the Shylock but she could not do that in Steve’s presence. She did not want him to know that she had hit such a rock bottom. It was hard and embarrassing enough for her and she was not ready to share it yet. She felt a tear fighting to drop down her cheeks and it took all her energy to fight them back. She had to stop being such a weak-ass bitch. She had been crying so much lately and it pissed her off. This therapy thing was making her a weakling as much as it was depleting her insurance cover for no reason at all.

“Babe, are you crying because you are going to miss me so much?”

“Get over yourself. Something got into my eye and I am trying to get it out”

“Yeah right. I know my absence makes you cry. Seriously babe, I think I will wait for you in the car as you see the doctor. I hope you do not mind. I have a zoom meeting in the next thirty minutes and an important email to respond to before that. You will find me here or at the restaurant once you are done. Sawa?”

“Not a problem. I also have a call to make and a few emails to answer as I wait for the doctor. That weed still has me high though. I need a few shots after this to calm down and be back to earth.”

“We cannot be talking about such drugs in a hospital Rael. I swear to God you are special. See you when you get back.”

As soon as she walked out of the car, Steve called the wife to rant about how busy his day had been so far and Rael called the shylock to find out if she can get some loan from him. The shylock, Evans, was available the following day from midday and he gave her a list of all the requirements. Apart from the passport photos, she had the rest of them ready and knowing that, calmed her down a bit and made the visit to the doctor way easier.

“How have you been doing Rael? A bird whispered to me that you are ready to go back to work in all your old capacities. Are we ready to handle that?”

“I think I am ready to handle even more. I have never been any better. I am handling the anxiety attacks better and no longer staying in the house the whole day feeling sorry for myself.”

“That is great! I hope you have been attending all your therapy sessions. I want you to go for a 30-minute session right now for a little assessment as I prepare the report for you. It is very important that I get to hear what the therapist has to say.”


“Say what now?”

“I am very sorry about that doctor. I had a very important meeting and I did not know that I have to see the therapist. It is okay though. I need to have the report today so I will reschedule the meeting to the afternoon.”

“Good. I think she has one client in right now then she will see you after that. It will not take that long. You should be out of here in an hour if all goes well”

As she walked down the hallway to the therapist’s office, Rael knew that today is the day she has to practice all the self-awareness skills she had learned and kiss her therapist’s ass by acting okay despite all that she felt. She knew any sign of vulnerability and weakness would have her saying that she is not ready to go back to work a hundred percent and that is not what she was looking for. She knew that she was a mess but it was nothing alcohol, sheesha, weed, and cigarettes could not handle. All she wanted, for now, was a report indicating that her mental health was in a perfect shape. She imagined Collins going through one of her therapy sessions and she started to laugh loudly. She has to suggest that in the questionnaire. She also decided to engage him tongue in cheek as she waited for the therapist. A little sarcasm is good for the soul you know.

“Hi, Collins. I am really glad that you are taking steps to the right direction in regards to your toxic behaviors. I hope you have considered and started therapy. It is really helpful and you should go for it if you are serious.”

She could picture him reading the text and cursing her to the high heavens yet having to act all calm in the texts.

“That is a very good idea Rael. Can you recommend one for me please?”

“Sure. I highly recommend mine. I am there right now and I can book you in for the next available slot. Is that okay with you?”

“That is perfect. Let me know once you get me a slot and share the doctor’s number. Thank you so much for this Rael.”

“Don’t mention it. I am ready to help you become a better Collins from work.”

It was really much fun messing up with him like that. She felt like calling him out for a drink and ask him to stop being such a pussy but she reminded herself that loving being around toxic people had cost her sanity. She would help him book a therapy session just for the kicks but she would generally try to avoid him. The therapy session went on pretty well and the doctor was very much impressed by how self-aware she had become and with the progress she told her she had made. Collins and her made pretty good actors. I think it was a job description that came with working in an advertising agency, especially with all the celebrities. Working there meant having more than one personality in order to cope and she had learned this the hard way. Once she got her report, she headed back to Steve’s car and requested him to pass somewhere she could get passport photos.

“What for”

“I want to see how fat I have become as I start my weight loss journey”

“Strange but okay.”

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