After getting her passport photos, Steve dropped her at work, gave her some six thousand as pocket money, and went his way after promising to send a breakdown car to pick up her car on Friday. She still could not wrap her head around the fact that he had moved from randomly sending her a hundred thousand shillings for no reason at all, to sending her a paltry six thousand shillings after giving him bomb-ass sex. She was happy though that he had offered to service her car and sort out the puncture situation. She was thinking of visiting her parents in Kisii next weekend and the money saved would come in handy. Just as she was walking into the elevator, her phone rang.

“Hallo, Rael speaking”

“Hi Madam Rael, I have been sent by Purity to deliver some pills and tea na niko hapa kwako Kilimani kwa gate.”

“Shoot. I had forgotten about the delivery. I am at work. Please let me send you my location pin you bring it here if you do not mind.”

“I can but you have to pay more for delivery charges”

“Ni sawa. When you get here just say you want to see me and you will be brought to my office.”

Rael had never been this happy to be in the office environment. Her first stop was the Human Resource office to deliver the written copy of the medical report although the doctor had already forwarded it online. She wanted to make sure that the report had been received and stamped. Elizabeth seemed to be in a foul mood but she really did not care. She then went to her office and was shocked to see Collins locked in his office. It sucked knowing that he was being treated differently from the rest of the people. All she did was have a mental breakdown because she was going through a rough patch and her salary was immediately slashed on top of being demoted. Collins was facing sexual harassment allegations yet his ass was still at work and in the same office. No demotion, no dismissal. She decided to rattle him by going to his office.

“Knock knock! I would like to say hi to Collins from work”

“Raeeeeel! Isn’t it great to see you back! Come in. How are you doing?”

“I am doing well thank you. How is work and everything in general?”

“Everything is great! I am really serious Rael, I know it sounds ridiculous and most people are treating me like I have lost my damn mind, but I want to be a better person. I realized that I have been so mean and unfair to most people.”

“ I am really proud of you Collins. Keep pushing. Speaking of getting better, can you believe that I managed to get you a therapy session slot for tomorrow at 10 am. If you are okay with that let me know so that I can confirm.”

“That is so kind of you Rael. My first meeting of the day tomorrow is not until midday so I think you can proceed to confirm the booking. Thank you.”

“Perfect. Let me do that right away as I leave you to continue with your chat with the stubborn influencers. I was expecting a delivery and I see a nduthi guy at my door. We will catch up later.”

Rael knew that they were bullshitting each other and the chances of Collins going to see the therapist were as slim as the chances of her not having a drink tonight. Even if he decides to go just to get her to give him a good rating, there was no way he was going to change and become this good Collins from work. She picked her slimming tea and pills and prayed that they work because seeing herself getting to one hundred and nine kilograms on the scale at the hospital today shook and disgusted her to the core. Purity who sold her the pills and tea told her that she would experience a lot of loose stool once she started taking them and that she needed a strategy for handling the zoom meetings. She decided to test their efficacy by taking the pills and three hours later she was calling Sandra crying.

“Sandra my ass is on fire”

“Hahahaha! What is happening? What did you eat? Could it be food poisoning? Did you get the report by the way?”

“I cannot even drink water without it coming through my ass. I bought some slimming pills and when I was told that a runny stomach would be one of the side effects I did not envision this. I am dying.”

“Why would you buy those things, Rael? You do not look that bad. You just need to stop taking those burgers and nyama choma at Bob’s every day and you will be good. Keep hydrating and call me if it gets worse. You did not answer me…did you get the report?”

“I did and it was very favourable, I thank God. I also talked to the shylock and we will be meeting tomorrow afternoon if I won’t be dead by then. Thank you for that. Let me continue shitting this fat out we will catch up later. Oh, I am allowed to eat anything that I want to while taking these pills so the burgers and nyama choma are here to stay. You should try these pills you know.”

“Unlike you, I have a child to look after. Death is not a luxury I can afford right now.”

“You are so silly. Bye mama.”

By the end of the day, Rael was sure she had left a whole of 5kgs in the toilet. The running stomach had reduced but she was so hungry and all she wanted was the juicy burger from Bob’s. She called there to make a prior order before hopping into her Uber. There was no way she was going to wait for thirty minutes for that burger once she gets there….she was starving. She was feeling quite tired and had a polite evening and was home by 10 pm. Her night was terrific. She had taken the slimming tea before going to bed and she spent half of the night in the bathroom throwing up and having a running stomach. At one point of the night, she swore that she was going to throw those things the following day. She survived the night but she was so fatigued in the morning. Her medical report indicated that she was perfectly fit to work and bearing in mind all that had been happening in their office lately, she could not afford to call in sick or report late at work. She also had to meet the shylock in the afternoon and that meant ensuring that all her meetings and work had to be done within the morning hours. She dragged her feet and prepared for the day. She was supposed to take one pill in the morning but decided not to due to her schedule.

“Hi Evans. This is Rael. I am done with what I needed to do for the day. Where do we meet?”

“I will come to your place of work. Just send me your location pin and I will come to you.”

“Don’t you think we need somewhere private? I do not like people in the office knowing my business.”

“I am a shylock Rael and I need to know my customer. This means me knowing their offices and sometimes their homes. I do not foresee and I pray that you do not have issues with the payments but I have to make sure that if you do not pay on time as agreed, I know where I can get you.”

“That is fair and I hear you but can you come to see the offices then we continue with the rest of the discussion at a restaurant? I work in an advertisement agency and that means that we are naturally nosy and curious and I really try to be private.”

“That is okay. Send me your location and I will be on my way.”

Evans was so hot, she was shocked. Her idea of shylocks from her initial experience was stern, serious looking and not-so-hot individuals, but this guy was hot. He had a nice body, smelled so good, dressed up nicely, and looked damn good. She did not know or care if he saw it, but the moment she saw him, she devoured him with her eyes. She had never been so proud to have a man visit her office like today. She was tempted to let them have the meeting in the office just to brag and have the girls drooling but she knew better than that. The guy was hot and he seemed very much aware of the fact but he tried to play humble. He was pleasant and very easy to deal with and they managed to finish the meeting and sign papers within a very short time and even got to enjoy a few beers before going back to work. He promised to wire the money into her bank account the following day. She smiled as she went back to her office. The last few days had been nothing but pure bliss for Rael….well, apart from the running stomach and vomiting. She needed to use the toilet.

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