For some reason, Rael could not get Evans off her mind. She decided to first pay her bills and loans then probably chat hit him up later. She was irresistible and no man could say no to her, or at least she thought. She was going to visit her parents the following weekend so she made a mental note to pick up their medication once she was done with her bank runs. Some of the medicines could not be found in the chemists in Kisii and when they were found, they were bloody expensive. She was running out of breath as she climbed the stairs to the chama offices. The slimming tea did not seem to work although the side effects had made her scared of taking them regularly as she ought to have. She thought that she would see results as fast as promised. She would take the tea and pills more consistently when she travels home.

After finishing paying the necessary bills she went to the chemist and found a long queue. As she waited for her order to be sorted out, she decided to chat up Evans.

“Hi Evans, this is Rael one of your clients. I hope you do not find this weird, but I found you really hot.”

“Hi, Rael. Good to hear from you. It is not weird at all I tend to hear the hot comment quite often.”

“Hot and confident…..I like!”

“There is so much of me to like…trust me. By the way, I noticed from your application that you are from Kisii. Where is home?

“I am Kisii but I was born and raised in the coast region. My parents moved to Kisii when we were all grown and out of home. They stay in Chabera though. That is where my grandparents are there as well”

“Nice. I am from Nyamira.”

“Oh okay. Good to know. So, when can I see you to get to bask in your hotness without the pressure of signing cheques and filling forms?”

“I am available anytime during the week. Unlike you, I am a businessman and I control my schedule.”

“We can meet for coffee or a stronger drink and then go back to your place if the meeting goes well.”

“Why don’t we start with your place and then we will do mine later?”

The fact that he was not too enthusiastic about her going to his place should have been a red flag, but Rael chose to ignore the red flag totally probably because she wanted to get to his pants as well as being seen around with a man as hot as him. Steve had quite tamed her, and she was rarely out there as she used to. She needed to stop being so loyal to a man who was not loyal to her.

“Alright hottie. My place first then yours later. I will let you know when a good day for us is to meet”

“Alright, Rael. See you then.”

The conversation made her so excited that she basically felt like letting Evans know that they could meet the same day but decided to hold on until the following day so as not to be seen as desperate. She needed a little bit of distraction and a handsome man with a good dick was the perfect recipe. She passed by the supermarket to buy some foodstuff. She would cook and serve Evans an awesome meal as she was in the mood to cook. She even got lots of pineapples to help her coochie smelling nice. She later hit up Evans and they agreed to hook up the following day and after that, she decided to thank Steve for taking her car for service and fixing her puncture.

“Hi, baby. My car came back in perfect condition. Thank you so much for everything”

Steve did not reply to the text until the following morning  as Rael was preparing breakfast for Evans who was on his way.

 “Hey, hun. No worries. You know I can do anything to make you happy. How are you doing? What are you up to?

“I am doing well. Preparing breakfast then go hang out with Sandra and some of our chama friends.”

“Sawasawa. You take care and take care of my pussy for me. I want it fresh as always.

“Hahahaha! I am eating pineapples just to keep it fresh for you babe and you know it is only yours.”

“Good. As you should. Take care babe. Bye”

She finished preparing breakfast, which was more of a brunch, showered and as she was chilling watching a movie, Evans called to ask for the house number as she had arrived. Once he got to the house, they could not even wait to have breakfast. They started kissing as soon as the door was closed behind them and soon, they were in bed.  The make out session was incredible. Evans was such a good kisser and knew where to touch to turn her on and she was completely wet and begging for him in a matter of minutes.

When Evans undressed and was standing in front of her ready to make love to her, Rael was so disappointed. His erect dick was the smallest she had ever seen and as much as she decided to fake enthusiasm and took him in, the sex was the most underwhelming experience ever. She had never experienced bad sex like she had that she was afraid it showed on her face as much as she tried to fake that it was the most amazing experience ever. She was so glad that the make out session was awesome, and it made the faking easier.

“Did you like it, babe? Did you come?”

Rael did not understand why some men asked if a woman had come or if they had enjoyed the sex. That should have been quite obvious from the reactions and involuntary body reactions.

“I loved it, babe. The sex was mind-blowing and I came three times. That was great.”

“I told you. I am glad that you had a good time. We have the whole day for you to enjoy this. I can even stay longer if you will not get enough.”

“Sure. Stay as long as my orgasms want”

“Great. Do you have a cold beer I can have?’

As Rael served him beer, she could not help but be amused at how self-confident Evans was. She wanted him out of the house, but he had been very nice and gentle with her, and she did not want to look nasty and aggressive.  After having his beer, he fell deeply asleep. This was new to Rael and she did not know what to do. She decided to let him sleep as she replied to some of her work emails. When he woke up, he grabbed the bag he had brought with him and to Rael’s shock and horror, it had his change of clothes. He changed to more comfortable clothes and offered to cook dinner.

Rael did not think that Evans would be spending the night when she invited him over and his behavior left her speechless. The thought that she would have to endure terrible sex the whole night made her shudder. She decided to watch him and see his plan. He made an awesome meal and watched a movie as they cuddled and went to bed. She woke up the following morning to prepare for work and woke Evans up to prepare as well.

“It is okay you just go. I will work from the house today. You will find me here when you come. I will find something in the fridge and cook you an amazing meal.”

Rael was in shock, but she was running late and she had an early morning meeting that she could not miss. As much as she wanted to chase him out, she decided to have the discussion in the evening.

“Okay then. I will see you in the evening.”

As she drove to work, she could not help but think about the mess she had put herself in. She hated having people in her space and sharing a bed the whole night with someone disgusted her. At one point at work, she got an anxiety attack and could barely concentrate. She went back home as soon as she was done with the meetings and whatever was urgent. She found her house sparkling clean and food ready. Evans had rearranged her closet by putting his clothes in there.

“I did not know that you had come with so many clothes”

“I sent someone to bring them over. I cannot believe that I have moved from being an Eastlands resident to a Kileleshwa one. I am going to make you very happy.”

Rael knew that she was in trouble and immediately called Sandra for help as he was busy in the kitchen.

“I need your help dear. I had a man come over for a sex session and he has refused to go back to his place. Please come help me chase him. I am scared.”

“I am not around. I am in Kisumu. Let me try and see if I can get someone to help. Meanwhile, hebu go to the police station.”

Rael was in panic mode and she texted Steve to come and save her. He promised to come the following morning which he did. Rael introduced him as the husband and asked Evans to leave immediately. As he packed his bags, Rael could tell that both men were pissed and as soon her new psycho boyfriend left. Steve left without talking to her.

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