Rael could not believe that she had invited a psycho into her home. She now had an explanation to do to Steve who was so furious with her. As much as she did not understand why he was mad that she was having sex with other people yet he had a wife by his side every day but she was somehow feeling guilty. Her texts to Steve were going unanswered. The last text he sent was a forward of her own text promising that she was all his. She was so glad that she was travelling out of town to Kisii. Being out of town and with her parents was going to be a great distraction that she totally needed. Just as she finished packing her bags, Sandra called.

“Hey, babe did you manage to chase your psycho boyfriend ama I come with the police? You surely do know how to pick them.”

“Sandra this is no joke. That man almost gave me a heart attack. He had become so comfortable you could think that he pays rent around here.”

“So how did you get him to get out”

“Sis! I had to call Steve. Evans had to leave alright but my man is furious. He is not talking to me. I think he is done with me.”

“You called who? Why did you not just go to the police or call a man friend who is not Steve?”

“I was not thinking straight. All I wanted was to get this guy out of my apartment. Can you believe he kept saying that he could not believe how he has now moved from living in Eastlands to Kileleshwa? I was about to be stuck with a guy who was whack at sex”

“Hahahahaha! Rael when will your drama ever end? You make me so happy. Anyway, I wanted to wish you a safe journey. Drive carefully and let me know when you get home.”

“Okay, babe. Let me leave before traffic gets crazy.”

The ride to Kisii was quite smooth. She had really prayed that the trailers on the way would not derail her and she was grateful that they did not. Trucks also gave her anxiety while driving and she was glad that she did not have to use her anxiety meds. She stopped by Kisii town to do some shopping for her parents and a bottle of gin she intended to hide from her parents as she indulged. Being home needed one to have a drink because of the memories, her recent discovery, and the fact that her mother could be nagging at times. She got home and after being welcomed by her mother, she went inside the house and was shocked to find her sister Priscilla, who lived in America sitting in the living room watching television unbothered.

Her sister did not even turn to look at her as she replied to her greetings. Her dad was also in the living room sleeping on the couch. She did not want to bother him so she decided to go into her bedroom and wait for the tea her mother was preparing. She thanked God that she had bought gin and wanted so much to go back to her car to get it but she knew her hawk-eyed mum would catch her. She would wait for an opportune time to get it to her room. Probably when her mother goes to the market or posho mill. She still could not believe that her sister came back and did not even bother to send her a text that she was around or the fact that her own parents had not bothered to tell her that she was around. As much as she was used to the fact that her sister hated her and would never talk to her, it still hurt like crazy and she did not understand what she ever did to her to attract so much hate and cold treatment from her. Growing up they used to be best friends and spent a lot of time together but her sister started to withdraw after it was discovered that her uncle had been raping her. Rael was the one who found out and reported the issue. She remembers everything vividly. She was ten years old and her sister was twelve years. Their mother was in a teachers training college and they had been left in the hands of the nanny and their dad’s brother. Their dad’s work was pretty demanding and they rarely got to see him. He also loved his alcohol so much and had to pass by the bar every evening and most weekends. By the time he got back home, the three of them were always asleep.

Their brother was one year old when mum left for college and apart from taking care of themselves; they also had to take care of their little brother. The nanny was not so friendly and would most of the time yell at them, force them to go to the river to fetch water, and take care of the baby as she sat comfortably. Failure to do so would result in them being beaten mercilessly by her and she would proceed to threaten them with severe beatings if they dared report her. One day they woke up and found the nanny had packed her bags and run away. They were so happy and were glad that their uncle who was so nice would be taking care of them instead. Rael was a playful child and she spent most of her time playing as her first-born sister, who was quite an introvert, spent her time reading and taking care of the baby.

One day, she came back from playing for a snack and she found the baby sleeping but her uncle and Priscilla were nowhere to be seen. Out of curiosity, she decided to look around the compound and see if she could find them. She heard some movements behind the granary and went to check. She was shocked to see her uncle on top of her sister having sex. She quickly went back to the house in total shock. She did not believe that her sister was already having sex and with their uncle for that matter. She was mad, shocked, and curious at the same time. She wanted to ask her sister how sex felt like. Their neighbor’s kid had told her that he had had sex and it felt good like eating a goody-goody. He had wanted to show her but she got scared. She wanted to know if it is that good. Her sister and uncle came back to the house and she did not look as excited and happy as she expected. It even looked like she had been crying and so she could not ask about how sex felt like. Their mother was coming home in two days,  so she decided to shut up and share her findings with her as soon as she got back.

As soon as her mother returned home, said her usual very long return prayers, and gave them some sweets, she started cleaning the house. Rael waited for her mum to get to her bedroom before following her in and poured out all that she had been holding in for the last three days. Her mother patiently listened to her and once done, she thanked her for telling her and asked her to leave her room and close the door behind her. As she closed the door, she could hear her mother’s stifled cries and later very loud prayers. That evening, there was a meeting between her dad, Priscilla, her uncle, and her mother which lasted for very long. The following morning, their uncle packed his bags and went away without bidding anyone farewell. Her mum’s sister came in later that day and they interrogated Priscilla further behind closed door before beating her senseless. At that point, Rael believed that she deserved all the beating for having sex before marriage as her mother had taught them. She did not feel sorry for her even when they traveled to her grandmother’s place and Priscilla received more beatings and pinching from her grandmother and aunties. She even at one point told her that she hoped that she had learned her lesson and would stop her rotten behavior and would not infect her with bad manners.

Looking back, it is after all this that her sister started to withdraw from everyone. It hit Rael much later in life that her sister had been raped. She never got to apologize to her because they never talked. This was probably the reason why her sister was so angry at her. She had been blamed and beaten for being a rape victim and her own sister had not defended her in any way and had instead accused her of being rotten. She now felt really terrible and made her mind up that even if this was not the reason why her sister was not talking to her, she owed her an apology. She had to talk to her.

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