Allan took them to the VVIP room and the vibes were immaculate and rich. Rael had never seen anything like that to be quite honest. Priscilla agreed that this was top tier. As they sat down in the coziest of seats they had ever sat down on, a group of girls came to their seats bearing bottles of champagne and expensive whiskey.

“Who ordered for this?”

“You told me you love whiskey so I had made an order earlier. I want you to enjoy. I promised you a good time and I will keep my word.”

“This is so good. This is nothing like what I had imagined. It is so good.”

“I am so glad you love it. Let me catch up with a few of my friends then I come seat with you. I will be back in less than fifteen minutes”

“No worries. Take your time.”

 As soon as he left the table, Priscilla turned to Rael with her mouth wide open in shock

“Where did you meet with this nigga again?”

“In a bus sis in a fucking bus coming from a funeral”

“This is someone who could have comfortably afforded a flight. Why did he choose to travel by bus?”

“Ask me another. We thank God though. How could we have witnessed such awesomeness? If it was not for him, I would be crying wondering where Steve is right now. I will actually ask him this question.”

“If my husband knew where I am right now, he would be so jealous. Let me take photos and send them to him. He would die.”

“Wouldn’t he be jealous?”

“Nah, we trust each other enough”

“Hmmm, interesting. If I send Steve these photos he would go crazy.

“I do not understand how a married man expects loyalty from a side chic. It is ridiculous”

“I know right? His audacity baffles me. There comes Allan. Let us stop talking about Steve for now.”

“Is Allan married”


“Ladies, I hope you are having fun and are not gossiping about me.”

“You came in when I was just asking Rael if you are married and where you get all this money from.”

“Well well well…I see you are as blunt as your sister. First of all, I do not believe in marriage. I think it is a waste of time and lots of hard work. I am too busy looking for money that I do not have the time to focus on marriage and all that comes with it. Plus, who wants to commit to one person for the rest of their lives?”

“Do you date? How do you make your money?”

“Do not get it twisted, I love women and all. I think women are the most beautiful creatures but I do not commit. I date and all but I do not commit. As for my money, I am a businessman. For starters, I am one of the directors of this club and many others.”

“Niiice. So what made you get interested in my sister?”

“Apart from the fact that she is extremely beautiful? Well, for starters I use her company for my PR and after Collins died, I have been looking for someone to handle my businesses and someone in the bus whispered to me that she is, if not better, as good as Collins and they worked together very well. I like being hands on with my businesses so I want to personally know the person who will handle my businesses.”

“Interesting. So, this is no coincidence. Stalker much?”

“Hahahaha! I would not call it stalking per se. The meeting in the bus this morning was purely coincidental. My plan was to chat her up at some point during the journey but as fate would have it, I found her alone in the bus. That was actually a sign for me.”

“Priscilla can you leave the poor man alone and let us have some fun? We did not come here for an interview.”

“Good call hun. Let us have fun. I do not mind the questions though. I have nothing to hide.”

They had such a good time and at one point Rael indicated that she was feeling exhausted. Priscilla was still going strong to the point Rael wondered what it takes to get her drunk.

“What kind of drugs does it take to get you high?”

“I do not get high honestly. I am yet to try other drugs but alcohol does not get me high”

“Your alcohol tolerance level is something else. Anyway, I think I am tired from the journey and high. Allan, can you let me sleep in your car for a bit?”

“Why would I let you sleep in the car when I have beautiful rooms in here? I will give you a room each you get to rest then I will take you home when you are ready.”

“No need to give us a room each, we will be more comfortable sharing one. I will go with her. We can carry the drinks to the room”

“Are you sure Riri? I do not want to spoil the fun for you. I can sleep on this couches until when you have had enough fun.”

“Do not be ridiculous. It is 4 am. Let us go sleep.”

“Alright ladies. I will take you to your room and let you rest. We will catch up tomorrow morning. I need to have a little chat with Ms. Rael about work stuff.”

The rooms were equally spectacular. According to Allan, they had been given the best room and it indeed looked like it was the best. Rael fell asleep as soon as her face hit the pillow. She left Priscilla awake drinking and enjoying music from the portable speaker Allan had given them. She woke up and found her still awake.

“Riri are you normal?”

“Hahahaha! Why?”

“Have you slept?”

“I will sleep when I die. All I need now is some meat and lots of coffee and I will be good to go.”

“Does your mother know you can drink like this? You amaze me. Have you seen my phone?”

“My mother thinks I am a saint and you are the bad one. Your phone is inside my handbag. Get for me my Ipad as well. I need to catch up with my husband and kids.”

“Siste, I have like a million missed calls from Steve. I will not be shocked if he has tracked me by now.”

“What does he want? Free accommodation and sex subscription renewed? Ignore him.”

“From the texts, it looks like he went to my place and missed us. I am going to text him and let him know we are fine but I do not want to talk to him at the moment.”

“Why do you feel that you owe him any explanation? Ignore the nigga. He chose his wife. He wants to have his cake and eat it. I hate such behaviors honestly.”

“Let me just text him. He is not a bad person. He can be very sweet and has really been supportive.”

“You honestly annoy me at how you get awed when people treat you like a basic human being. Anyone fucking you and claiming to want you should care for you and support you. There is nothing extraordinary there.”

“Sawa. Let us not argue please. We have done that a lot for the past one year. I will not text him then. Let me take a shower as you catch up with your family and then I get Allan to get us some meat and coffee. Mimi I need eggs. Lots of them.”

“Good girl. I hate it when someone takes advantage of your good heart.”

Rael sneaked with her phone to the bathroom and as she sat on the toilet to do her thing she texted Steve. She knew her sister would hit the roof if she found out but she liked Steve and she needed to talk with him.

“Hey Steve. I am very sorry I missed your calls. Got home yesterday and decided to take a mini vacation with my sister before she travels back.”

“Who have you fucked to get the holiday.”

“Is that what you take me for? Have I questioned why you left my house without my knowledge and return like it is your house when you have not paid a dime for it?

“Where are you? You knew I was married from the get go. I just did not know that I was dealing with a slut. Where are you right now?

“My sister was right; you are a narcissistic son of a bitch who only cares for themselves. I am up your father’s ass. Come get me.”

“Why are you talking like that though. I just want to know where you are. You know I care for you. We do not have to argue all the time.”

“You know what Steve? I do not want to talk to you again. You keep calling me names and I keep taking your bullshit. Forget you ever knew me.”

“I will find you and the nigga you are with will leave to regret ever meeting you.

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