“I do not want to pressure you into anything but I want you to know that I like you and would love to have some fun with you. For now, let us focus on work. I am a cool person. I am sure I will grow into you.”

“I see full confidence and I like. Let’s work first and let the rest flow.”

“Good girl. The meat Priscilla had asked for is ready. Where did she go to?”

“Let me look for her. She must have gone back to the room to catch some sleep or she is walking around feeding her curiosity”

“Okay. Yes, she is a very curious one that one. I will be waiting for you guys right here.” 

Rael went to look for Riri and just like she thought, she had gone back to the room to catch some sleep. She woke her up and as they headed back to the bar area to enjoy the meat, she hoped that Allan would finally tell her what his businesses entails. For a moment she wondered if her bosses would allow her to handle this particular client although from the look of things Allan was the kind of clients who dictate and get what they want. Her mind went back to Steve and she wondered if he was okay. She was yet to tell her sister what had just transpired. This man was insane and she should have seen the signs. He wanted to control her and all her movements all in the name of trying to protect her. At this point she doubted if the wife was as crazy as he puts it. He was a narcissist to the core. The worst thing was that she was genuinely in love with him that even at this point after all the madness, he stood a chance of being forgiven by her. He must have bewitched her.

“Sweetheart you seem to be in deep thoughts please pick up your hot towel tukule nyama. I did not bring you here to be sad. Are you still thinking about your psycho boyfriend?”

“I am fine. My mind wandered for just a bit but I am good.”

“What psycho boyfriend is he talking about?”

“I do not know. Si you ask him.”

“Allan, do you know her boyfriends and their characters now?”

“Your sister has a story juicier than these ribs. Let us eat first then we catch up over a bottle of champagne or something.”

“For a man who keeps talking and insisting on privacy, you should probably learn to practice some yourself.”

“Stop being easily offended. It is never that serious and it was out of your control. Cheer up. If I was a bad one, I would have let the situation get out of hand.”

“Can you two tell me what the fuck is going on?”

“Let Allan tell you since he is the one who experienced the whole thing and is itching to tell the whole world. Do you need a microphone sir? Twitter account probably?”

“I see someone has a short temper. Never let someone know that they can control your emotions. It is very dangerous. At this point I am in control and it can get very messy. I am going to take a small break outside so that we all cool down and continue enjoying ourselves. You can choose to tell your sister what happened or not. No pressure.”

“She has to tell me. She has no choice.”

As Allan walked away from the table, Rael stood up and went to the ladies to catch a break. In all honesty, she was running away from her sister’s inquisitive eyes. She almost lost it in front of her client. She should have chosen to ignore him but she fell for his antics. He was right, she needed to stop being too emotional or at least learn how to hide them. Her emotions made it so easy to manipulate her. They are what made her get into a fight with Collins in the first place. It looked like Allan knew her more than she thought. She had to get back in control and get to know him. She went back to the table feeling more composed and ready to face her sister.


“Steve tracked us and came to cause mayhem here while we were asleep. He was demanding to be allowed in to see me.”

“What the fuck! Enhe? Then?”

“The security team held him and after doing a background check, they called his wife to come pick him up”

“Yaani even when you are asleep, the drama in your life continues.”

“I am the drama”

“What does Allan thinkabout all this?”

“That I cannot dare say I cannot be in a non commital relationship yet I am dating a married man”

“He ain’t wrong though. Has Steve talked to you?”

“I blocked him”

“What time? You talked to that man despite me warning you, right? What kind of golden dick does this man carry between his legs Rael?”

“I think it is her that has a golden pussy to be honest. The way that man was behaving was way out of character of a normal man”

“Can we just let this go for now? My head is spinning”

“I just need to know that this guy will not bother you again. What in the psycho behavior is that?”

“I do not think he will be bothering her for a while. The wife claimed that he suffers from bipolar and she was going to check him in to a mental hospital for admission as suggested by the doctor.”

“What the fuck. My Steve has bipolar?”

“Are you shocked? I am glad he is far away from you for now. I should probably go back with you to the United States. You keep attracting shitty and troubled men.”

“Are you calling me shitty?”

“Are you her man now?”

“Not yet but no need to go back with her. I will take good care of her. No more shitty men in her life.”

Just as they had started enjoying their meat and drinks, one of the security guards walked in, whispered something in Allan’s ear and he turned to look at Rael and walked out of the room.

“Whatever is happening has something to do with me. Why did they look at me like that?”

“Relax, Allan looks like a man who is in charge of his business. All will be well.”

After what looked like an eternity, Allan came back, sat down looked at Rael and shook his head.

“What now?”

“Steve has lost it. He has refused to take any medication unless he sees you. The wife is here and is desperate. She wants you to go with her.”

“Nonsense. My sister is going nowhere. Let them give him an injection to put him out then they can administer any drug they want. I am a doctor, I can write down a prescription for them but Rael is going nowhere.”

“Same thing I told them. This is a sick man and he probably does not know what he is talking about. Then this woman works for the flying squad. What if they want to make Rael disappear? I have made a few calls and I have been advised against letting her out of my sight.”

“Exactly. I am not buying that bullshit.”

“At what point will I be asked what I want?”

“At the point of ordering your drinks. We know you are in love but just let this go. Let us handle everything. That woman wants you out of her way. I don’t even think it is safe for you to go back to your house. We will go with Priscilla and pick up a few things that you need then you will stay here until I am one hundred percent certain that you are safe”

“I do not think it is that serious guys”

“Of course you don’t sissy. This man and his wife are something else. The worst thing is that they know where you live. We had better be safe than sorry. Allan, has the woman left or do I go and give her a piece of my mind?”

“What did I tell you ladies about emotions? Feel them but do not let them rule you. Everything is under control. As long as I am with you guys, all will be well.”

“How do I know you are not another psycho?”

“I might be, but for now you are safe with this psycho. Take a few glasses of champagne and whiskey shots as you think about the things that you need from your house. You need to be away from there for about 3 to 7 days.”

“My sister’s middle name should be drama”

“Hehehe! Thankfully, in my line of work I am used to more drama than you can ever imagine. This is child’s play to be honest”

“What do you do?”

“You will soon know baby girl. You will soon know. I just need to finish up some things with your bosses, have you sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement and we will be good to go.

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