Rael begged to go with Allan and her sister to pick up some of their stuff from her house. She knew that staying back will cause her lots of anxiety and she was not ready to handle an anxiety attack. They finally agreed to go with her after she started to cry. She almost laughed at Allan because emotions had worked in her favor but then was not the time. She got into his car and they left for her pace.

What they found there left everyone in shock. The house had been closed alright but the house was a mess. Everything had been turned upside down. The seats, mattresses, curtains and beddings had been torn by what seemed like a knife, the carpet was soaking in water, the TV had been smashed, Some of Rael’s clothes had been dipped inside the toilet bowl and others torn, the fridge door had been broken so was the cooker and microwave. The house was a total mess. Rael lost consciousness when she saw all that mess and she had to be taken out of the house. Priscilla had to call Sandra to come and help rush Rael to the hospital and stay with her as they sorted out the issue. They also realized that all her car tires had been slashed.

Allan called in some of his cop friends and started interrogating the caretaker and the askaris at the gate. All of them claimed to not have witnessed anything weird and that Rael’s boyfriend Steve had come in, said hi to them and because he was known to them and even had the keys to the house they did not think he was up to no good. He apparently left after 2 hours and gave each one of them 200 shillings and promised to give them more when he returned. This must have been the point he left to track Rael.

The police arrived and after assessing the damage and listening to the accounts of the askaris and the caretaker, they requested to see the CCTV footages which showed Steve getting in and out just as the askaris had explained. The only part they left out was the fact that he gave them two bottles of alcohol in addition to the money. The CCTV footage near the parking lot in the basement showed him slashing the tires and even attempting to break the doors before someone appeared. He looked visibly drunk. The fact that Steve was in a mental hospital made everything hard because his behavior could be blamed on mental instability.

Priscilla was shaking with rage.  She wanted to walk in to the hospital and have Steve arrested. She could not stop crying. Allan advised against calling the wife and asked her to let the police do their work.

“Do not worry. I will make sure I replace everything in the house and the tires. For now, I need the house lock changed then we go see Rael in the hospital. Have you talked to Sandra?”

“Yeah, they have given her something to put her to sleep. She will be fine. I have carried her anxiety meds because I know this will be hard on her. My sister deserves better honestly.”

“All will be well. I requested to have my other car brought around. One of my bodyguards will remain behind and ensure change of locks and that the car has been taken to the garage. Sisi we can go to the hospital.”

“Okay. I need to see her as soon as possible although I know she is more at ease with Sandra.”

“Why is that?”

“Rael told me you are good at finding out things. Do your due diligence.”

“I will take that to mean that I should mind my own business which I will. I respect privacy.”

“What do your parents think about you not wanting to commit?”

“They do not know that yet but it is none of their business honestly.”

“I can imagine my brother telling that to my parents. They will flip and then look for a wife for him.”

“If he is anything like you two, I do not think that will work.”

“You are right. We are finally at the hospital. Let me alight here as you go looking for parking space. Find me inside.”

“Okay then”

Priscilla rushed to the ward and was relieved to find Rael wide awake and even smiling. They hugged and cried for a while before any one of them could talk.

“I have been so fucking worried about you”

“I am good hun. It is all good.”

“Allan is on his way. He was looking for parking space. We are so lucky he was around. That man could have fucked us up.”

“I have so many questions but I am even afraid of knowing the answers.”

“No worries all will be well.”

“I am so sorry you have to experience all this drama. I do not know where to start from but I just want to get the fuck out of here.”

“Look who is cursing already. Good to see you up and ready to leave.”

“Allan! Good to see you. I am so ready to leave. I hate hospitals. Thank you so much for everything.”

“Don’t mention it. Let me see if I can get the hospital to clear you then we go home.”

“I do not know where the hell my medical card is just let them bring me the bill I will find ways to sort it out.”

“I got you”

They got cleared within an hour and Rael got discharged. As much as Sandra wanted the girls to go stay with her, Allan thought it would be safer if they stayed with him plus he had some work business that needed to be completed. Rael fell asleep as soon as she got into the car and she was grateful for the medication because in all honesty her brain had refused to process all that was happening around her. She could not believe what she just saw in her own house. She knew she had to face the truth at some point but for now she needed to sleep. She was shocked to find the car had stopped at a totally different place from where they were before.

“This is one of my houses. It has all you need. I figured out since these people knew where you were, a change is important. I know you don’t have clothes but we can shop for them tomorrow. I need to rush and finish up with the police and sort out a few things. I have a cook ready for you. Please feel free. I will check up on you guys before going to sleep. Take care.

“I don’t know how to thank you Allan. This is too much. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. Just promise me that you will in no way see that psycho again. Don’t delete anything yet though. They might be needed as evidence.”

“Okay. I promise.”

The house was beautiful and so warm although all Rael wanted was a hot shower and sleep. She did not want to talk about anything that had happened today. Thankfully her sister seemed to catch the drift.

“Go shower as I set the table. You need to eat then we can probably watch a movie as we catch some drinks. This house has a whole movie theatre. We cannot let that go to waste.”

“Alright although I am feeling quite sleepy.”

“It is okay. You will sleep on the couches. They look pretty comfortable. I will wake you up once done.”

“You are such a derailer but I need it right now”

“I know…. I know”

Rael could not stop wondering what would have happened to her if she had not made up with her sister or if she had not met Allan inside the bus that morning. Steve and the wife would have finished her. She swore that she would never knowingly date a married man ever again. She was not even sure that she wanted to date anyone of the male species again. She could write a whole book on the character development she had received in the hands of men. Heck, she had even gotten pregnant for Steve and the thought of what would have happened had she not aborted the baby disgusted her.

Priscilla was right, the movie theatre was so cozy and warm. They decided to watch comedies just to get off their mind off everything. They settled for light beers so that they get just a little tipsy and not too drunk and it felt so good. They laughed and were having so much fun that they did not hear Allan come in.

“If I bring in a total stranger right now and tell him that one of you fainted and another one was crying hysterically a few hours ago, they will call me an outright liar. Good to see you both this happy though. I was quite worried about living you two alone but I see I was wrong.”

“Hi Allan. Good to see you back. I guess that is our cue to go to bed.”

“Not at all. You guys can stay up for as long as you want. I just wanted Rael to know that your HR knows that I will be introducing you to my businesses for the next couple of days so you don’t have to worry about going to work. The NDA is ready so you can sign it tomorrow. Let me go to sleep I am tired.”

“Okay, goodnight.”

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