“Listen, I know and understand why you do not want to go and I told her that you may say no but she sounded so distraught. She is willing to have the meeting in a police station so that you just feel safe.”

“I am not fucking going to see that woman. How is going to her place of work safe? Her fellow police officers will do anything to protect her. Does she know what her husband did to my place and my car and to my mental health? What does she possibly want to talk to me about?”

“It is okay. I will not force you to go if you do not want to. She of course knows everything that happened. She said that she wanted to apologize to you and talk to you. I am willing to go with you. I will go finish cooking as you think about it. Once we are done eating, I can give her your feedback. Do not stress yourself over it.”

Rael was mad. Why did this woman want to destabilize her sanity? She honestly did not want anything to do with Steve and his bipolar ass. There was no way she was going to see that crazy woman. She called her sister to vent.

“Can you believe Steve’s wife wants to see me. Do I look like a joke to that family? I am so mad.”

“Hey, sweetheart, can you calm down please. Breathe. How did you know that she wants to talk to you and has she said what she wants to talk to you about?”

“She called Allan. I really do not care about whatever it is that she wants to talk to me about. Apparently, according to Allan, she sounded very distraught and said that she was sorry and just wanted to talk.”

“I know you might not want to hear this but you are my sister and I owe you the truth. You knew Steve was married when you started something with him. She must have been very hurt when she found out I know I would have been. She was dealing with a sick husband who probably lied a lot to her and now all this. I just want you to imagine how it is for her”

“What are you trying to say Riri. I did not owe that woman any loyalty. Her husband did. I do not know her like that. She threatened my life before and her saying we can talk in a police station does not make me feel safe.”

“All I am saying is that it will not hurt to hear her out. Allan and I can go with you just to make sure you are alright. I will be in the room as you talk. We can even ask Sandra to come if she is not too busy. This might be the closure both of you need.”

“The only closure I need is them paying for my things. I am done with them but let me think about it”

“It is okay but do not go without me. I am going to dress up just in case you decide to go. You guys pick me up.”

“Babe, food is ready.”

“I am not hungry”

“Please do not tell me that the awesome sex we just had has been overshadowed by a very insignificant person. Come we eat. Forget about that woman. I think we need round two of a good fuck.”

“I have actually decided that I will go but you and Priscilla have to be present”

“Are you sure Rael? You do not have to go my love. At least not now. I can tell her that you will go when you are ready.”

“I am ready. Honestly I might never be ready but I need to hear what she has to say for herself and her husband”

“If you say so. Eat then we leave. Let me inform her of your decision. Tell Priscilla to get ready. We will pick her up.”

“Okay. And just for the record, nothing will ever take away the mind blowing sex we had.”

“That is what I love to hear. Now can you eat the mind blowing food I prepared for you?

“Okay sir”

Rael ate and took a quick shower before they proceeded to pick up Riri. Sandra had called her and told her that she will be at the police station by the time they got there. Sandra was her tiny but very powerful circle and she loved her to death. They listened to music and sang along as they drove to pick her sister who was at the gate waiting for them.

“You two look very happy and relaxed and I am here shitting in my pants. Share the source of joy”

“God is our source of joy. Try him.”

“Nonsense. If I didn’t know any better, I would have said you two have the ‘we have just had sex’ kind of glow”

“See why I say that you need to try God? What kind of thoughts are those sasa?”

“There is nothing wrong with you two having sex though.”

“Why are you smiling Allan?”

“Can’t a man smile in peace now? Your conversation with Riri is very interesting. That is all.”

“Oh my God, you two have had sex. Yuck!”

No one responded to Riri’s allegations. They drove to the police station listening to music in silence. Rael actually slept and only woke up when the car stopped.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes I am.”

“Carry your anxiety pills.”

“I am fine Priscilla.”

“Let us go then”

“I want to talk in an open place. Let her come outside we talk while seated on the bench over there. I want somewhere all of you can see me.”

“Great choice of location. Let me go look for her. You can go wait for her there.”

“Do you need me to sit with you?”

“No. I will be fine. Just ensure you don’t get your eyes off us the whole time. If I feel like I need you to join us, I will say.”

“Perfect. Here she comes.”

“Good afternoon Rael. Thank you so much for coming. I will not dwell so much on small talk. Let me go straight to why I called you here. First of all, I want to apologize for everything that has happened to you and for how I have treated you in the past. I have just realized that we were all victims of Steve’s manipulation. That man is sick in the head. He kept telling me that you nag him and use him for his money and handed me control of his accounts to prevent you from asking for his money. This is after I realized that he was cheating.”

“I still don’t get it. Why am I here? I am sick and I have lost a lot of things.  I hold no grudge against him.”

“I would like to sue him as soon as he gets better and I would like to put you as one of my witnesses.”

“Why would I do that? Isn’t your husband unwell?

“That man has ruined my life. He has been physically abusing me, you are not the only side chic that he has and he keeps wasting money on them. My children have watched me be beaten and cry in silence. Right now all the money we had is being used to treat him as my kids and I suffer. I want his bipolar self to suffer just like I have.”

“Look, I am very angry at Steve but he has been diagnosed with bipolar and severe depression. Such a case will not see a day in court. You want my unsolicited advice? Walk away with the little dignity you have left. I know it is not easy but suing him is allowing him to still be in control of you. Let him be taken care of in the hospital with his family and other side chics. Start loving and rebuilding yourself. I do not want to be part of any court hearings.”

“Rael he has to pay. I have suffered and embarrassed myself countless times. I am going to walk away with the kids and probably fly out of his country but I feel the need to revenge.”

“You will revenge and feel nothing. You are talking to a master of vengeance. Walk away while you can. Ask for a transfer if need be. If you feel unsafe, you can probably say he is insane and have him institutionalized for the rest of his life.”

“That is actually a great idea. Let me look for a good doctor to recommend that he stays in a mental institution for as long as he leaves. Thank you so much. Again, I am very sorry for my behavior and that of Steve. That was so wrong. I will send you some cash to help you buy some things for the house.”

“I am sorry too. I hope that you will find healing soon.

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