Rael was shocked at how well she slept that night despite all that was going on in her life at the moment. It is the alarm clock that woke her up. She set up the alarm so that she could shower and prepare early enough. She wanted Allan to find her ready. She was so grateful that she met this guy because she did not know what she would have done without him. Steve’s action had shaken her to the core. All this time she thought she was dealing with an overprotective man who loved her and not a psycho. She was angry at herself for not seeing the signs. The sight of her house kept flashing before her eyes. The embarrassment that she will have to deal with in the neighborhood was a lot. Her sister was right, she attracted drama every single day.  She needed to turn her life around. Probably stop drinking, join a church and pray every day.

“Good morning sis. You look very fresh this morning. Slept well?”

“Surprisingly I did. I did not even take the sleeping pills but I slept like a baby”

“Tell me about it. Must be the beds. They are so comfy. I intended to check up on you at night, but I slept like a log. I felt so guilty when I woke up.”

“Riri, I am not some fragile baby. I am fine. You honestly do not need to babysit me. A lot is going on but I will be fine.”

“I am your sister and I have to take care of you as long as I am around you.”

“You are in my corner and that is all that matters. By the way, Allan just texted. He is sending a driver to come pick me up for the meeting. I hope you will not be bored.”

“Bored in this beautiful house? Not at all. My plan is to watch movies in that beautiful entertainment room and eat lots of food. Have you thought about the kind of business Allan does? He seems to be quite the mystery. I could not even find him on social media.”

“Hahahaha! Unlike you sis, curiosity is not my thing. I try to mind my business most of the time. Plus, he is a client who is very trusted by my employer. Mine is to do what is required of me in terms of work.”

“Due diligence is very important Rael. That is one of the ways of avoiding drama. The guy is obviously interested in you beyond work so you have to know more about him. We do not want another Steve situation.”

“Let us not talk about that demon right now please. It is a beautiful day to be faced with an anxiety attack. Looks like the driver is here. Let me go. I will see you later.”

“I am sorry hun. Please remember to carry your meds and feel free to text me if you feel some typa way during the day. I will see you when you get back”

The trip to the office was not very long. The driver sent to pick her up was very quiet and shut down her attempts to start conversations with one word answers. She picked up the cue and shut up. As much as she did not want to admit to Priscilla, she was very curious to find out more about Allan and his businesses. At least working for him would allow her to know him better. His office was a stand-alone building that was heavily guarded. She realized that he seemed to purposely avoid being in crowded spaces. They found him waiting for her outside and like the gentleman that he was, he opened the car door for her.

“Good morning missy. You look so damn good. You dressed like this for me?”

“Good morning Allan. You do not look that bad yourself and just for the record, I look good for me. I owe it to myself to look good.”

“Well, you may say whatever you want but for the rest of the day today, I will walk around telling myself that you dressed for me. The meeting starts in the next ten minutes but I would like to have a private moment with you.”

“Private moment? I hope you have not changed your mind about me working with you”

“See why I said you dressed for me? Unless you change your mind about working for me, I will not change mine. Some coffee?”

“I can never say no to coffee. Black and sugarless”

“Just as I like mine as well. I brought you here Rael to find out how you are doing. We have not had a chance to talk since what happened. I care about you beyond the work thing. You have turned me into your fighter since I met you that I have not had a chance to seduce you like I would want to.”

“I am so sorry about what I have put you through Allan. I am very grateful for everything and I think I can handle everything from here. I do not want to be a bother. I am fine now.”

“Nonsense. You are stuck with me and you are not a bother in any way. In fact I just want to assure you that I am taking care of fixing your house and car and everything should be in order by the end of the week. So walk into that meeting with absolutely no worries about the situation.”

“That bastard touched my car? I had some very important work documents inside the car”

“He just messed with the tyres and the outside body. They needed to be replaced anyway. So don’t worry.”

“How can I ever repay you Allan?”

“Admitting that you dressed up for me would be a good start you know.”

“Hahahaha! I will have to think about that. Should we not be heading to the meeting?”

“Deflect all you want but I promise you, this is not the only time you will dress for me, I would want to see you in a red lingerie you know.”

Before she could reply, they got interrupted by a phone call from his secretary informing him that the rest of the directors are ready for the meeting. They got inside the board room and found the other three directors waiting for them. As Allan introduced her to the rest of the board members, Rael was amazed at how he had switched from this playful person to a very serious man. He had watched him party, fight for her, comfort her, flirt with her and as she watched him talk she suddenly became so horny and wet. She wanted him to have her right on top of the table. She was so turned on and in her world of fantasy that she did not notice the NDA placed in front of her until Allan called her out.

“Rael, are you okay?”

“I am fine sir. Sorry about that.”

“No problem. And we don’t use the sir word here. Call each and every one of us by our names. Now, like I had said before, you have to sign the non disclosure agreement before we can proceed with the other agendas.”

“Okay, I have done this before so I will sign. I hope I will not be killed if I break the agreement.”

“You never know” One of the directors murmured.


“Rael, he is joking. No one gets killed but a breach of trust bears heavy consequences.”

“I know. I was only joking as well. I am a professional.”

“Good. As it should be. Now that you have signed up the forms we can tell you a little bit about our business. We run a number of exclusive clubs, we sell gold, we import cars and we own an escort company where we take girls to Dubai and other countries to entertain the rich men plus other businesses that you will find out with time. Some of our businesses are very competitive and controversial. Your job is to protect our reputation at all costs. Most people know us as club owners and we like it that way. When rumors of other businesses come up, it is your duty to stop them. You will be called to some of our private meetings from time to time and the discussions we have are strictly confidential. You are not supposed to talk about it outside of the meeting room. Not even in your dreams. Is that clear?”

“Yes Allan. I get it.”

“Good. I will give you a phone and that is the line we will use to get in touch with you on matters business. Do not use your phone when talking business with any of us. You are allowed to ask questions but I would advise that unless it is meant to help you work better, mind your business. If anyone, including your sister asks about us, all we do is operate clubs. Any questions?”

“Noted. I do not have any questions right now”

“I like her. She is not nosy like Collins. It did not end well with him.”

“What does he mean Allan”

“Ignore him. We all know what happened to Collins. Mr. Makau, stop scaring this girl please.”

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