Rael stood up and left Steve’s wife seated on the bench and went to join her sister, Sandra and Allan. Of course, her curious sister was ready with a myriad of questions.

“Are you okay? What did she want? Did she threaten you in any way?”

“Relax my dear sister. I am fine. Do I look threatened in any way? This was just a waste of time. I think she confused me for a therapist. Let’s go home. You know what, I actually want to go to my house and have a look at the damage one more time”

“I don’t think that is a good idea babe. I told you I’m working on putting everything in order. I would not want you to go through what you went through again. Kwani what has that woman told you?”

“I am fine Allan. I have come to terms to what happened. I just want to remind myself what Steve did to me so that if any of them come with the nonsensical apologies and stories I have heard today, my heartstrings will not be pulled. That man would have harmed me if he had found me and I refuse to take it lightly”

“Did she call you here to apologize?”

“That and to tell me that she was planning to sue her husband and wanted me to be part of her witnesses.”

“Hahaha! Are you serious? Please tell me you told her to go to hell.”

“I told her suing a sick man is crazy and she should just walk away. I can never be a part of that nonsense. She is quite angry. I hope she will not do anything crazy. Please let’s get out of here. Sandra, thank you so much for coming. Will you go with us to my place?”

“Unfortunately, I can’t. I have to rush back to the office and finish a few things. I will see you tomorrow though. We need to catch up.”

“Sure  I have so much to tell you.”

Rael was angry and anxious during the whole ride to her place but tried her best to hide it from her sister and Allan. She did not understand why that woman called her to have such a conversation with her like they were best friends. The only nice thing she said was that she was going to send her money. She hoped it was some good money to help her get a few things. She was so anxious to get to the house because the last time she was there was an absolute mess. Her house was upside down and she did not know what Allan meant by saying that he was sorting the house out. As they went up the stairs to the house, she could literally feel her heart beating so loudly that she had to stop for a second.

“Are you okay babe ? Do not lie to me”

“I’m fine Riri. A little nervous but I’m okay. Let me catch my breath.”

“Will it help if I hold your hands?”

“You know I don’t like being all touchy but I think that would help right now. Just shut up”

Rael could not believe it when her house was opened. The house looked immaculate. The curtains had been replaced, new plush leather recliner seats sat proudly in her living room and a Samsung 75 inches curve TV now replaced the 55 inhes one that she had. The walls were covered with a beautiful wall paper. She could not believe this was her house.

“A few things are yet to be finished here and in the bedrooms. The kitchen is done. It’s nothing much. I hope you like it”

“This is too much Allan. I don’t think it’s even right for me to accept this. I promise I will pay you back. My goodness!”

“Allan, thank you so much for doing this for my sister. This is overwhelming.”

“I’m sure our paths crossed for a reason. We have to be there for one another. Rael has been through a lot for the past few days and I believe she deserves some happiness. You don’t need to repay me. Just pay it forward when you get blessed.”

“Like I told you this morning, add motivational speaker and now philanthropist to your CV. My goodness! I came here to fuel my anger and resentment towards Steve and all I have now is a heart full of joy and gratitude. Today has been an awesome day.”

“As it should be. You deserve all the happiness. I think Steve’s wife wanted to know if you had any plans of suing them and to throw a pity party just in case you ever felt the need to sue.”

“She told me that she would send me money to help me buy some stuff for my house and all she has sent is twenty thousand shillings.”

“The nerve! The audacity! Sis, please return that money to her immediately. Does she have any idea of the damage her husband caused?”

“I agree with Priscilla. Return that money. The moment you take it, she will claim that you two met and agreed on the amount she sent. That is a very strategic woman. Return the whole amount and don’t say anything to her “

“Okay. Let me do it straight away. Kwanza I told her to walk out of her marriage. She probably thinks I want to take her man.”

“Hehehe! This place should be heavily guarded for a while. I don’t trust that woman. I’m really worried for you my sister. I need to go back to Kisii tomorrow to collect my things and prepare to travel back to the states and the thought of leaving you here makes my heart so heavy.”

“She will be fine. I’m here for her. I will make sure nothing happens to her. Her safety should be the least of your worries.”

“I believe you. Honestly though, you guys fucked today, right?”

“Are you jealous? Do you want to join us? A threesome with sisters does not sound that bad you know.”

“Yuck! Why did I even ask? You two are disgusting. I need to go back to my husband before I get sucked into Nairobi life”

“Hehehe! You will learn to mind your own business. We can now go. I need to rest. By the way Allan, can you ask Makau if I can start gym tomorrow?”

“I think you can. Not wasting time I see! Don’t forget our conversation though”

“Ala! I see you have been really busy today. You have joined a gym? Well in sis. Proud of you.”

“Thank you. Pray that I do not die. Now that I am starting gym tomorrow, can we indulge in some junk? I’m craving for some cheesy fries”

“See your life. Anyway your wish is my command. We will pick up some as I drop you guys. Mimi I will go home and eat my ugali.”

“I will start a healthy lifestyle tomorrow. For now, let me say goodbye to junk in style. A few beers won’t hurt too.”

“There’s lots of alcohol in the house. Don’t over indulge though. I might need you to attend a meeting with me tomorrow.”

“I won’t. I just need two bottles of a cold cider.”

As soon as Allan dropped them and said his goodbyes, Priscilla was on her case.

“So how was the sex?”

“What sex?”

“Come on now, I am not a kid, it’s so easy to tell you guys have fucked.”

“It was mind blowing! That man took me to another world yo! My pussy has never experienced so much joy like today.”

“You look like it. So why did you lie to me?”

“I thought you would start telling me about how I go around looking for drama and all I wanted was a few orgasms to take away my stress.”

“Allan is a pretty decent guy. I like him. Apart from the mystery around his job, I have a good feeling about him. Please don’t get attached though. This is a man who has clearly communicated that he doesn’t believe in commitment. Enjoy yourself but don’t get attached.”

“I know. I will not get attached emotionally but I might get attached to that dick.”

“There are many good dicks out here. Don’t limit yourself and be controlled by one. Especially one that does not want to commit. Be very careful with this men. Do what makes you happy. Be selfish.”

“I’m really trying. I don’t know why I get attached too quickly. Steve should be a lesson I should never forget.”

“Exactly. Let me shower, eat my fries and sleep early. I have to travel to Kisii tomorrow. I need to go back to my husband as soon as possible. I have missed a dick you know”

“Why did you refuse Allan’s offer to give you a car and a driver or pay for your flight?”

“That man has been too nice to us. I can take care of myself. Plus, why would you want a man you barely know to know our home?”

“You are such an overthinker”

“It’s what has kept me safe so far. Let me hit the shower. We catch up afterwards.”

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