“Are we going to come back home drunk?”

“Stop over thinking Rael. If we get too lit, we will find a hotel and sleep. If not, we will tell mum not to lock up then we quietly sneak in. I am in charge tonight. You are in very capable hands.

“You had better because today is one of those days that I don’t want to think at all. I just want to get drunk and forget about all that is happening plus celebrate us being close again. It is all too much to take in.”

“Relax, it is going to be okay. I cannot say that I understand what you are going through, but I am here for you.”

They had both never partied in Kisii town for obvious reason so when they got into a club highly recommended by a friend, they were shocked to find it looking even better than most clubs in Nairobi.”

“Riri look, they have Shisha! This is so cool. Some of the men here look so yummy… damn!”

“Guuurl! I am married plus I don’t fuck with Kisii men. No Ma’am. Tonight my focus is on the alcohol and other available drugs.”

“Dick is a good drug sis.”

“Hahahaha! Mine is in Texas and it is enough. Let us go sit at the corner. It looks like a perfect spot.”

They took their seats and ordered a bottle of gin and shisha. Priscilla wanted Rael to talk in a relaxed environment rather than being at home feeling sad and depressed. She hoped that it would help make her feel better. Their parents had been more than willing to allow them to go out when she asked them for permission to allow them to bond. She had carried Rael’s medication with her just in case things got out of control. Her husband was very excited for them and had even sent her money to ensure that they enjoyed the night fully. Since she got married, her husband had never met or seen her sister but this evening, they had a video call together with the children and seeing all of them connect made her cry.

“I need a few shots of tequila to make me get drunk a little quicker. I cannot feel this gin in my head.”

“It will hit sis. Let us take it slowly. We will take the shots later on.”

“You really meant it when you said you are going to be in control I see.”

“I don’t want you getting too drunk before we have enough fun”

They partied hard and had lots of fun. The music was awesome, the people were a vibe and the alcohol finally hit home. They danced a lot and for some reason Rael found herself not too interested in the men that hit on her. At one point, one of the men got offended when she turned him down and called her fat and ugly. She was so furious that they started to exchange words and almost got physical had Priscilla and a few other people not intervened. She was so angry that she started to cry and requested that they go back home.

“Why are you allowing a stranger to dictate your happiness hun? We came here to have fun. Leave that fool alone. I am very sorry.”

“What have I done for people to come after me like this? One minute I am being accused of causing someone’s death, the next minute I am being called fat and ugly. You know what Riri, all this people might be right. I am a useless piece of shit.”

“Do not ever say those words again. You are an amazing human and you are loved. Do you know why that man abused you, it is because you denied him a piece of your awesomeness. You stood up for yourself and the cleaner at work and that made people uncomfortable because they wish they were as courageous as you.”

“I am feeling like shit sissy. I know I have grown fat but is it that bad? I have never been so insecure about my looks until today.”

“You are beautiful and weight is not a permanent situation. It can be changed. We might have not been in talking terms but I always admired how beautiful, confident and kind you are. These are things no one can ever take away from you. Now, we are going to order shots and drink ourselves silly to celebrate your awesomeness.

“Thank you sissy. I love you so much”

Rael woke up the following day with a terrible headache. She was shocked to find herself on her bed at home. She tried to lift her head up and a wave of nausea hit her. She quickly turned to avoid vomiting in her bed and was thankful to find a bucket placed by her bedside. She vomited and reached for the glass of water and painkillers on her bedside table. Her sister did not joke when she said that she was going to be in charge. She was truly the fun mother hen. For the life in her, she could not remember how they got home or even them leaving the club. She must have been very wasted. They had lots of fun though. As she lay down waiting for the headache to subside, her sister knocked and came into the room looking all fresh.

“You have got to be kidding me. Were we drinking the same alcohol? How can you be up looking all fresh and I am here in bed feeling like a train hit me? Who are you?”

“Hahaha! Have you ever gotten drunk with white people? Those people literally drink to die then wake up the following morning looking fresh and ready to chair board meetings. I guess partying with my husband and his friends increased my alcohol tolerance plus I drink a lot of water.”

“Remind me not to try drinking with your husband or white people. I would have easily underestimated them. I need to drive back to Nairobi today. I still cannot believe that Collins is gone.”

“You should look at yourself in the mirror. You are in absolutely no shape to drive. I cannot allow you to drive looking like that.”

“I have to go. First of all, as sad as it is, work has to go on. I have already seen some clients asking if they are in safe hands now that Collins is no more. There is a meeting tomorrow morning just to assure them that all is well and it is mandatory for me to be there.”

“I think to ensure that you are safe, we try and book you a flight from Kisumu then I will use your car to drive back to Nairobi in two days time. Before you say anything, I will pay for the flight.”

“That is so sweet of you. Thank you. I hope we can find an available flight. Will you manage to drive on the streets of Nairobi by yourself?”

“Clearly, there is so much that you do not know about me. I think I know Nairobi more than you do”

“Alright now. I cannot wait for you to show me the places you think I do not know when you get there. Let me freshen up then go talk to mum and dad as you see if I will get a flight or if driving is my only option”

Rael took a long time to shower and dress because her head felt so heavy. She remembered someone calling her fat and ugly the previous night and she oiled her body, she promised herself that she would start working on losing her weight. Her relationship with Collins took a turn for the worst when he called her fat and yesterday night, she almost lost it because someone called her fat as well. Clearly she was uncomfortable in her own skin and she needed to do something about it. Thinking about Collins made her heart beat so fast. She could not stop looking at his photos and going through the comments and posts on social media just trying to find out if someone will talk about the reason why he committed  murder. It hit her that she had not talked to Sandra for a while and just as she was picking up her phone to call her, a message from Steve came in.

“Good morning. You drunk dialed me yesterday night and all you did was cry. Are you okay? Did you need me to come help you evict one of your boyfriends?”

“I did? I am so sorry. I am still in Kisii. We lost one of our colleagues and I had gone out with my sister to just help me calm down a little bit?”

“Is it someone you have fucked? You sounded so sad and hurt.”

“Steve, if you cannot be kind, you do not have to talk to me. I am sorry that I called you. I do not remember doing that. For someone with a wife who did not know of his philandering ways and called to threaten me, don’t you think that you are acting too righteous?”

“I am sorry if I have hurt you but I really liked you and what you did really hurt me. I am very sorry. Are you okay? When are you travelling back to Nairobi”

“Today. My sister is trying to see if she can get me a flight from Kisumu. I can overhear her say that she got the 7 pm one.”

“Okay. Let me know once you board, I will be waiting for you at the airport.”

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