Steve thought that it was best for Rael to go home instead of going back to work because she was a mess and would not be able to work but she would not take it.

“I cannot act like I am the one who is hurt the most. It is a loss to all of us in the office and I have to be in that meeting. I will be fine.”

“Are you sure? I will wait for you in the car just in case you change your mind.”

“That is so sweet of you Steve. I will be fine. You really do not have to wait for me.”

“I will wait for you. We are not negotiating that.”

Rael could not get the image of Collins body out of her head. She was suddenly very scared. As she went to the office she had to wait for someone to share the lift with because she could not get in it alone. She did not like Collins that much and just a few months ago, she had prayed that he could get fired or he would disappear. She did not understand why she was this sad. In all honesty, she at one point wished him death. What Elizabeth had accused her of made her feel so guilty and she kept asking herself if she really was responsible and if she could have done something different. The burial date was yet to be communicated by the family but the colleagues agreed to make their contributions which was to be presented to his family on the day of the burial. Due to the fact that work had to go on and the fact that it was peak season, not all would go for the burial and HR would decide who was to go based on the date that would be set. Rael immediately knew that her chances of attending that burial would be very slim. HR would decide simply meant that Elizabeth would decide and she knew that meant her probably not going. As soon as the meeting was done and she made her contribution she decided to go talk to Elizabeth because she really needed to go for the funeral.

“Hi Elizabeth, I am sorry to bother you but I would like to talk to you for a few minutes if you do not mind.”

“It is okay. Sema.”

“I would really like to attend Collins’ funeral. I know we are not in a good space and you think that I am responsible for his death but as much as we had our differences, we worked really closely with him and attending his funeral would be a good closure for me.”

“Are you among the people he slept with? It looks like he slept with all the women in this office and you all want to go.”

“This is not meant to be confrontational Liz. I came to you in good faith to ask for a favor and I totally get it if t is not possible. I am sorry if I have offended you.”

“Rael, can you imagine defending someone for years to the point of putting your job on the line then you realize that he has been sleeping with anyone and everyone in the office? This is not including the many baby mamas I hear he has all over the place. What sort of embarrassment is that?”

“I am so sorry Liz. You werea nice person in love. It happens to the best of us. I am sorry.”

“I wish I was not pregnant with his child. You know what, on the day of the burial, I am going to have an abortion. Him and his child disappear from my life on the same day.”

“Liz, I understand your pain and respect your decision but I hope you have someone close to whom you can talk to and let them walk with you during this time. You should not be alone.”

“Everyone aroundme thinks I am a fool and I get them. I was warned so many times. If they know that I am pregnant, I will be the laughing stock. I will do this on my own.”

“What can I do to help?”

“Go to that funeral and ensure that son of a bitch is dead. And Rael, if I hear what we have talked about with someone else, all my anger will be directed to you and you know I do not play.”

Rael could not believe what she had just heard.  She of course knew that Collins had a problem controlling his dick and he slept with anyone or anything that looked like a woman. She just did not know that Liz was pregnant for him and the sudden hatred she suddenly had for a man she used to adore. Also, the fact that Liz had opened up to her left her feeling very confused. She went to her office, picked her bag and laptop and went to look for Steve. He was right, she needed to get out of that office for the day.

“I need food and a strong drink”

“Was it that bad? Have you been cryng again?”

“I do not want to talk about it right now. Let me get some food first.”

“Alright. Where do you want to go?”

“Somewhere we can get food and drinks”

As Steve drove around looking for somewhere they could eat and drink she pushed back the passenger seat and started to text Sandra whom she had not seen in quite some time now.

“Gal, I have had the weirdest and stressful day. From seeing Collins’ lifeless body to realizing that Elizabeth is pregnant for him and witness her rant to me of all the people. I do not know what is happening.

“What do you mean Elizabeth is pregnant for him? I swear your office has drama that never ends. I have missed you and we need to catch up. Uko?”

“I am with Steve and we are looking for somewhere to eat. Let me text you as soon as we settle for a place.”

“I am not sure that I want to be in the same space with that man. You have been with him since yesterday. Why hasn’t he gone back to his family?”

“It is a long story but he is getting a divorce and he moved out of his house.”

“And your house was the escape plan for him? You know I do not sugar coat or hide anything from you Rael, this will end in tears. Let him get a place of his own until the day he will be officially divorced. Your house is not a hotel.”

“I will. It is just that he has been so helpful since I landed back yesterday.”

“Please mention one thing, apart from sex, that he has done that I could not have done it for you? Text me when you get to the food joint. I have to come and talk sense into your head.

Rael did not feel like being lectured by Sandra about her choices right now especially with Steve. She loved her friend but she decided that as soon as they get to the restaurant, she was going to block her for the day hoping that she would not try to reach Steve on the phone to know where they are. Steve settled for a very posh place in Westlands and told that he wanted her to enjoy and try to forget all that had happened for a few hours.

“You can be very sweet when you want to babe. Thank you.”

“You have been through so much and you deserve more. I am a sweet person. It is only that you can be too stubborn and drive anyone crazy.”

They ordered their food and drinks and started catching up on her trip to Kisii and her reconciliation with her sister Priscilla.

“I am so happy you two made up. As annoying as they can get, siblings are very important. Do you get to talk to your brother?”

“He only thinks of me when he needs some money”

“They are always that way. He will grow up and know better”

Their chat was interrupted by a woman shouting at the entrance of the restaurant baying for blood

“Shit, that is my wife”

“What do you mean? How did she find you?”

“She tracks me. Please go to another table. This woman is capable of murder. I will deal with her.”

Rael was shaking as she moved asking herself why she keeps attracting drama. Just as she settled to a table far away from Steve, the wife got in.

“I know you are with a woman. Where has she gone to hide? I told you that I will make you pay. You cheat on me then leave our matrimonial home to be with another woman? Ako wapi?

“I came here to eat and you are embarrassing yourself. If you are hungry, sit down ag eat.”

“Steve, you think I am a fool? I will find that woman and teach both of you a lesson. This is not over yet.”

Sandra was right.

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