Rael quickly unblocked Sandra and asked her to join them urgently as the altercation between Steve and the wife went on. She needed to get out of that place as soon as possible. There was no way she was going to mess with a DCI officer. The security of the restaurant had asked her to leave, which she did but Steve was still visibly shaken and embarrassed to the point he could not even moved from the table. Rael refused to join him despite the fact that he had sent a waiter requesting her to join him. She let out a sigh of relief as soon as she saw Sandra getting in.

“Why are you not sitting with your boyfriend? Another fight?”

“I wish we fought. His wife walked in here after stalking him and caused unnecessary drama. I had to move tables so that she does not find me there. It has been chaotic.”

“What did I tell you? This is a woman who is probably armed and can kill you whenever she feels like. Can we please get out of here? I have a child to take care of, death is not my portion.”

Just as they were leaving, Steve came to stop them.

“Rael, I am very sorry. Please guys, sit down and eat. She will not come back. I know you have been traumatized enough today and I am sorry but do not leave the food behind.”

“I am glad you have noticed that I am traumatized. I will get a panic attack if I continue to sit here. We will carry the food and eat at home. Meanwhile, please go back to your wife and sort out your issues.”

“I am not going anywhere unless you are coming with me”

“I see you want me dead. Your wife has traced you up to this joint. What can stop her from tracing my home and place of work then come and kill me? Stop being selfish. Go control your wife then come back we talk.”

“Sandra, please talk to your friend for me.”

“You are full of shit Steve. What if my friend would have been hurt today? I do not know why she likes you this much.”

“I like her too. It is okay. Let me ask the waiter to pack the foods in a doggy bag for you guys. I will call you later Rael.”

As they left the place, Real started to laugh. She had become the center of never ending drama. It had become too much it was hilarious and painful at the same time. She had so many questions for God and her therapist. She thanked God that Sandra knew her so well that she did not ask her any questions or bother to talk to her on their way back home. She needed the silence and would talk when she was ready.

When they got to the house, they ate the food in silence, she took a few shots of gin that was in the house and she slept on the couch as Sandra watched TV. She was woken up by some noises at the door.

“What is it?”

“It is Steve. I have asked him to go back. You do not need him in your space right now.”

“What does he want?”

“I do not think that matters right now Rael. Let him go where his wife can easily find him.”

She had put her phone on a no disturb mode so she knew he had tried to reach her severally. She honestly did not want to talk to him at this point. She texted him and told him to give her a few hours or days for her to take in all that has been happening and that she would reach out when she was ready. Her sister was to travel to Nairobi the following day so she knew she would have company and would be distracted for a few days. Steve and the wife could go fuck themselves. They caught up with Sandra on all that had been happening and was glad when she mentioned that she would sleepover because she realized viewing Collins’ body had traumatized her and she could not stay in an enclosed place on her own. She probably needed to see a therapist but that would probably be after the funeral if it won’t get better.

She had to take a taxi to work the following day as she did not have her car with her and Sandra, who had an early morning meeting was headed in a different direction from hers so she could not hitch a ride. As she waited for her cab to get there, she was shocked to see Steve’s car pull up and stopping right where she was.

“Cancel that cab request. I am taking you to work.”

“I see your wife gets her behavior from you. Why are you stalking me? I told you to give me a break.”

“I am here as a friend. I even do not want you to talk to me. Just get into the car. I will drop you in silence. I want to show you how sorry I am. You know we are both stubborn so just get in the car.”

“You are being a bully and now I do not even feel safe with you Steve. At this rate I will get a restraining order. This is not cute.”

“I have a DCI as an ex, do you think a restraining order shakes me? I am actually trying to protect you. Please get in the car.”

Rael got into Steve’s car and cancelled her cab request. She sat at the back just to irritate him. He looked at her shook his head and smiled. This man had her on a chokehold and no matter how much drama he pulled her way, she could not stop loving him. The few days he had stopped talking to her after Evans saga hurt her more than she cared to admit. Since she was still mad and did not want to talk to him, she decided to respond to some emails before getting to the office. One of the emails confirmed that Collins’ funeral had been set for the coming Saturday in Busia and a list of those eligible to travel had been sent as well and true to her word, Elizabeth was not on the list but she had enlisted Rael to travel. She still could not believe that Liz was so angry to the point she did not want to attend the funeral of someone she loved and fiercely defended.

As soon as Steve stopped the car, she got out and almost ran towards the office without looking towards his direction or talking to him. She knew she would find him waiting for her when she left the office and she wished there was an alternative exit she leaves him there. She enjoyed and hated the attention he was giving her. She had an online meeting with a client and later, a physical one with a potential client they wanted to onboard. A number of clients had moved after Collins’ death and there was a lot of pressure for them to get as many new clients as possible. She was also trying to renegotiate with some of the clients who had left promising to the deliver the same standard of service Collins gave them. It was going to be a busy day and she prayed that drama would not follow her for just a day she focuses on her work and mourning her friend. All her meetings went well and just as she was grabbing some coffee, Elizabeth walked into her office.

“Rael, I want you to swear that you never slept with Collins”

“Are you okay Liz?”

“I am doing my own investigation on the omen he slept with in this office and I swear those snakes will pay.”

“I honestly think you need to talk to someone. You do not look okay and if people know what you are up to, your job might be at risk. Please take some time off and see a therapist.”

“Of course I am not okay. These snakes slept with my man knowing very well that we are together. They all deserve to die. My baby is going to die simply because of them. This is so unfair.”

“Can we please go outside for a walk and a chat?”

“I have a meeting with his family about his final benefits. I feel like delaying the whole process until they go down on their knees to beg me”

“Please don’t do that. He was the sole breadwinner and these people are not at fault. Can you imagine the anguish of losing someone you wholly depended on?”

“You really are a nice person and I hope you did not sleep with that demon.”

Rael started to panic as soon as Elizabeth left her office. She called someone in IT to ask how long they stayed with CCTV footages before deleting them and after confirming that she was safe, she sighed with relief. She could not imagine Liz watching her have sex with Collins. The woman was clearly very vengeful.

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