Surprisingly, Rael was the first one to get to the bus. She was always late. She was still fuming from the conversation she had just had with Steve. He never took her seriously and insisted on having his way. She thought that since he had a strong woman, he got to test his macho egoistic ways with her. The thought of going back to her house and finding him irritated her. She texted Priscilla and asked her if she could convince him to leave them alone for the night.

“You have already asked him to pay rent. Do you think he will listen to me?”

“He already told you that? Tell him we have sensitive family matters to discuss and we need time alone.”

“He said that once he starts paying the rent, you will have to start listening to him. Let me try talk to him and see if he will agree to leave us alone but I know he will want to see you here first.”

She was so busy texting her sister that she did not notice a gentleman had entered the bus and was seated on a seat right opposite her.

“That must be some very heavy conversation you are having over there”

“Huh? Do I know you?”

“My name is Allan. I also don’t know you”

“Hi Allan, my name is Rael. Are you in the right bus?”

“I am in the right bus. I was one of Collins’ clients. I am not very loud so you might have missed my presence during the trip to this place. You gave such a beautiful tribute to Collins. Were you guys close?”

“We worked on very similar clients and our offices were right next to each other so yeah, I can say we were pretty close.”

“I hope his children will have someone to take care of them and see them through school. From what I have gathered, he has seen a lot of his family members through school.”

“I know, I wish we could do more.”

“Apart from the sad story, you were up so early. I thought you guys went partying.”

“We did but I left pretty early. I was fatigued.”

“I should have taken you to the private club. It was not hectic and more relaxing.”

“Oh, you were at the private club? I hear it is very nice.”

“It is. We can stay back and we enjoy it tonight then we leave tomorrow morning with the first flight.”

“Hmmm! This is very tempting. I wish my sister was not waiting for me back in Nairobi.”

“Nairobi has amazing places as well. You can come with your sister we just chill. You look like a warm fun people to be around.”

“That can be arranged. Let me talk to my sister and find out if she has any plans.”

“You do that then let me know. Can I sit next to you? I promise to mind my business unless of course you want otherwise.”

Rael quickly texted her sister and told her about the guy she had just met and the fact that he was willing to take them out to some fancy place.

“You have to find a way of getting Steve out of that house. This guy looks and sounds really cool”

“I don’t think we have to struggle that much. His wife has just called him and from the look of things, it sounded quite serious. He has said he has to rush home to attend to an emergency and asked me to pick you up”

“Did he tell you what sort of emergency it was?”

“No he did not and I did not bother to ask. You wanted him out and you have been asking him to go back to her what more would you ask for?”

“A text from him perhaps?”

“No wonder he says you are a difficult one. Now I am sure only him knows how to deal with you. Literally an hour ago, you told him to stop texting you. Yes, he showed me the text as proof of your insanity.”

“Hahahaha! I might be crazy but he is crazier. Anyway, it is fine. Let me talk to this fine man and plan for our evening.”

Rael was feeling a little salty from the fact that Steve was going back to see the wife and he had not told her. She was now convinced that theirs was a toxic relationship and she loved it there. She decided to forget about him for a little bit and concentrate on Allan. In fact, she decided to put her phone on flight mode for a few hours.

“So where are you planning to take us?”

“Have you finished gossiping about me with your sister?”

“Hahahaha! We have not gossiped about you. We were just planning”

“You don’t need to plan when you are with me. My driver will pick us up in town then we will go pick up your sister. After that, I will be in charge.”

“What is it with men and being in control?”

“I just want to show you nice places and ensure you have a good time. I am not a dictator.”

“Alright, let me wait and see”

Once everyone got into the bus, they started their journey back. She was happy to have seated next to Allan because she did not have to drink that much or be part of the gossip that would later blow on their faces. Allan was very chilled though.

“Do not feel shy around me please. Have your drink if you want to. I am here for it.”

“I am good. I will take some when I want. I am nothing close to shy. Trust me.

“Good to know. I would have taken some but I don’t see any of my favorites on the list”

“And what is your favorite?”

“You will see. Patience jaber”

She took a few shots of gin and after a little chat with Allan she fell asleep and was surprised to wake up and find they were in Naivasha. She got off flight mode on her phone and was disappointed to find no texts or mixed call from Steve. She was so tempted to call him but she had been called psycho enough times during the day. Riri had however texted her to inform her that Steve had left and from the look of things, he had carried all his clothes although he had promised to be back.

“Let us not talk about Steve today. We are in Naivasha. We will come pick you up so get ready.”

“I love how you move on sissy. Teach me your ways”

“Steve will be back. In the meanwhile, let me work on a backup plan. Can you imagine how today would have been for me if I did not have Allan with me today? That man has made me lose a number of good boyfriends. Let him go back to his wife for a few days or months.”

“We need to hit him with an invoice charging him for the few days he has been staying, eating, drinking and pooping in your house. I think you asking for rent did not go down well with him.”

“I don’t care. Ni kuoga na kurudi soko. God will not allow me to be alone”

They got to Nairobi and Rael was shocked when Allan was picked up by a Mercedes G wagon. She could not stop wondering who this man was. She wished she had a credible gossip partner in the office. He looked very important yet he had chosen to use the bus to attend the funeral. The watch he wore could easily be the same cost as that of a very nice car. He was playing mysterious and it was eating her head up. She was however loving this kind of life. They got to her place and she requested to have change of clothes before they proceeded to wherever it was he wanted to take them.

“A dress would really look good on you”


She smiled as she went up the stairs. This was the first time in a long time that she felt sexy and did not question her appearance especially her body. She felt like herself again and she looked for the sexiest yet classiest dress in her closet. Once Priscilla approved it, they went to the car and Allan said that he was in love with her and the dress.

“I could eat you up. You look so sexy. I knew you had it in you”

“Thank you. I am flattered. Please meet my sister Priscilla”

“Pleasure meeting you gorgeous. Now let us go and have a good time.”

They went to an exclusive club in the heart of Runda that Rael, who prided herself in knowing lots of places, did not know about it. In fact, from outside, the place did not look like a club at all. Getting inside though, it smelled and looked like class and lots of money same as people who were inside there.

“Welcome to my paradise”

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